Single threadING kills MEH

So now my render computers are about 60 shots behind me... the thang thats makin em lag mostly is the plugin I use to generate the depth passes for compositing... when it calculates and processes the depth map its a single threaded operation... so it only uses one CPU... In 11.5 Cinema is pretty much multithreaded all around so it's really fast... and there are workarounds for things that are single threaded like hair.... I emailed the plugin developer about a multithreaded version and he said he was testing one... I hope he comes out with it soon 0_0

Because at this rate I'll finish animating the film in like 6 months... then it'll take another year to render 0_0

If sHET gets really bad I'll have to go into each shot and crank the detail down and remove thangs... the crazy detail thats in there now will probably never be noticed by anyone anyway haha... its just my tweaker perfectionist self thats all NO YOU NEED THAT.... yeh I have to remember that I'm just a d00d with limited hardware resources... if I had access to a real render farm with 50+ nodes it wouldn't be an issue at all..but I only have 4... haha... poor little thangs IM KILLIN EM 24/7


  1. keep the detail... it gets noticed and even when people don't see the details their eyes get affected by them. Not to mention you had things like sound effects that were better than 9's.

  2. Like Sri said "keep the detail". You'd think viewers won't notice, but they do, IMO. Too bad about the slow renders. Hope that guy comes through with multi-threaded version.

  3. aren't there render farms that you can send your files to for cheap? or maybe even free that you might possibly be able to use, i'll go see if such a thing exists. =)

  4. Ouch that's hard. Hope you find a good resolution to your problem

  5. First time I used ambient occlusion got 1frame/1day, impossible to do it (there was hair involved). Last night saw IceAge3 with my kid, that fur is way out of our normal human resources.
    Simplify, cheat and, simplify...


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