So it seems I need like ILM's render farm

Your pal M dot animates shots faster than his computers can render them... Its only day 3 of production but I decided to like get macho and work like crazy for 9 hours... I'll eventually get up to 12.... but in 9 hours I animated 20 shots... and DONT WORRY THEY ARE AMAZING ^ ^ So now there's like 41 shots waiting to render with shot 0001 at %95 haha...

Whatever..its a good problem to have...

Thoughts on doing full 3d character animation in C4D so far... I don't have any complaints... I'm able to work really fast... I created an "animating" layout and a "render prep" layout... that I switch back and forth from when working... Cinema 4d's timeline has some quirks... but I only said "GAWD DAMNIT FUCK YOU" like twice in 9 hours...thats a good ratio... I find myself animating straight ahead instead of pose to pose... guess its the ghetto stopmo animator in me.. ALSO I HATE IK on arms... So I'm using FK for all the shots... Since all the set lighting is already done I only need to light the character...I created a gobo lighting rig for that... its a spot with switches for tree's shadows and all kinds of other thangs to add shadows to the the idea from a real rig in the book "painting with light"....aight I'm ouT.


  1. How about a pix of that render farm chugging away? I like the idea of a GDFY rating for a days work. Over 10 GDFY and the day is tough, but under that and you are doing ok.

    I'm just about to jump into C4D R11.5 this month and will be testing animation too. What is the deal with IK on arms? What bugs you about it?

    Lighting set up sounds sweet. Keep on Trucking!

  2. Good stuff.

    My GDFU ratio is usually about 40 per hour when working on a complex scene.

  3. It's only a major problem when you have to replace the keyboard or mouse due to 'enthusiastic persuasion' of the computer to not f*** you over....

  4. Sounds good dude. Would love to see some more thoughts on lighting, as that's always something I struggle with when working in 3D...

  5. Yea...speed is always a problem, faster cpus, faster graphic cards, but as we want more particles and hair and textures there´s an annoying limit. Just recently found Xref and boy that save me some grey hairs and a different way of working (and waiting, and waiting)


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