This shit is easy ^ ^ it's all in the pre-pro

I don't mean to be too cocky about my speed of production on this new film so far... but it looks like in the first month I'll be able to do 20 minutes of finished animation... thats full 3d animation with many characters, crazy huge complex sets and it looks amazing like nothing seen before....if people thought WATS looked like a 30 million dollar film this one looks like a 200 million dollar film ^ ^

NOW seeing how fast one d00d can work I'm wondering WHY small no-budget teams all over the world are not kicking out high quality 3d animated features? Cause seriously this shit is easy! The tools are so powerful and flexible and allow you to work really fast and a few decent quad core boxes give you lots of rendering power...

Well the reason I am able to work so fast is because I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT I WANT... from each shot, each character....from everything...there is no hesitation because everything was worked out in the LONG pre-production I did... most people dont do enough pre-production, they rush into production... YOU MUST LOVE THE FILM IS ITS RAW pre-production form... don't fall into the trap where you tell yourself "this is ok BUT it'll will be amazing fully animated" If the story and the mood and the suspense and everything isn't there in the script, it wont be in the storyboard, it wont be in the animatic and it WONT be in the movie.... my crappy animatic made me cry when I watched it so it worked then at that rough stage.... So I can be confident and just execute when in production...

The problem is most 3d filmmaker people look at the film as an "animated film" instead of a film that is animated... they rush through or bypass essential pre-production work and start modeling shit cause thats what they know... but in the end they either never finish or produce a really long demo reel that speaks to no one but other 3d geeks... I became a 3d geek but I was a filmmaker first.

So if people aren't doing it now I'm going to make it my thing to go around the world with HSM and help people start making they 3d features ^ ^ Cause I'm tired of seeing all this kid stuff... Pixar is great but the real world is a scary fucked up place and film/art should reflect the world its made in not just the shiny bits... ORIGINAL 3d animation for feature film production has been in the light so far... who else is going to take it onto the darkside? CAUSE trust me these 3d tools were MADE to make disturbing things haha Any of you who are into the Silent hill games know this...


  1. What a rocking post, Mdot. So glad all of that hard pre-pro has paid off for you. And i couldn't agree more that solo dudes like you and I are making films that are animated, not the other way around.

    And couldn't be more thrilled with your goal to help solo filmmakers finish their films. I want to be a part of that in some way.

    Ah, you've made my day.

  2. 20 minutes in the first month? d00dif you keep working at that speed you will finish before schedule..,Ryte?

  3. That's boss! So the film will be completed in like April if you continue at that speed, MAYBE less!! One reason to "push yourself" further.

    I'm totally excited to see what your film will be like! It's gonna be colossaaaaaaaalllll!!!11..

    I may be persistent with this, but really man, I would love, in fact NEED to know/learN SOON how you've learned all that you know, and you say you're not part of an animation school and all that.

    And I need to figure out what to do or where to go to learn this stuff and with college and all that BY Spring 2010 they say!

    Anyways, keep going full throttle! You're an inferno!..

  4. If your head explodes from the hard work, post the video!!!

  5. 20 mins in one month, eh, something to be said for previs, and knowing exactly what you want. I'm going to be changing my workflow for the next film for sure, first step: storyboard the whole thing and do lots of concept / previs sketches so I know exactly what to build in 3D

  6. Eeek, those 'everything is going well this will be finished by christmas' days. Take a deep breath, take the pressure off, this will take just as long as you thought it would.
    I am always impressed by your attention to story, and the emotion of the piece, and pre-planning makes a huge difference...but leave yourself some room. Otherwise the '**** this bit isn't working out the way I thought' moments hit too hard.
    Try not to set up unrealistic expectations, for yourself and others. It will be done when it is done, and that is soon enough :)

  7. Thanks for all the comments...

    @ Kate Fosk and Michael R. Joyce

    I'm no amateur..I'm no rookie... so I won't make rookie mistakes ^ ^ I know exactly what I'm doing and I've been at it for ten years+ I'm not overly excited and it is not a temporary enthusiasm that will fade out "when the going gets tough" I already did all the tough things... this is my job... I'm a professional... and a professional weathers the storms and keeps moving no matter what... amateurs fade when things get tough... The film is already done... it was done in pre-pro...all thats left now is to execute the shots.. and by scheduling your work, making adjustments and ALWAYS being aware of where you are in the process you cannot fail... no I'm going to "be done by Christmas" I'm taking a 3 week break for Christmas out of the country ^_^

    I know its well meaning advice but.... making films may be a "hobby" to many who visit my blog and they let other things in their life take priority over their films... but it is not so in my life... I am a professional and this is my life... as such I am prepared for any and all possible "problems" and they will not slow me down.

    I have a problem with your "unrealistic expectations" statement... unrealistic according to who? To you? Well if that is true my friend... please keep your "realism" in your world and do not try to apply it to me... for I R M dot Strange and I live to destroy expectations... I'm not your student and I'm not your kid so please keep your fatherly/motherly advice to yourself...

    If someone who is well trained and dedicated aspires to achieve the impossible you should NEVER try to slow them down... yes it may threaten you..but those are the times when you must bow your head and .....KNEEL BEFORE ZODD! as they pass you by.....hahahaaa

  8. @MDot, just me Kate, not Mike. Unasked for advice often gets a negative response, so not totally unexpected.
    No, not my kid, or my student, and my expectation is that you will finish this film and the chances are it will be great.

  9. Don't listen to Kate... you must be finished your film by Jan 1 2010 or all is lost: epic fail -9001 billion percent onoes! I'm typing this from the future where robots have enslaved humanity unless you finish HSM before christmas!!!!

  10. 20 minutes in a month??? man you are n't human. Master Mdot is a machine...

  11. 20 minutes in a month is so intense... Have you been training in 100x gravity?
    I need to know how I can do this. Where can I find out more about motion clips in C4D?


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