To whomever created the HSM imdb entry

Thanks for adding the film ^ ^ but there are a few errors in it...

In the details it lists "St8nime" which is spelled wrong as its missing the r.. its "str8nime" see related link

And "Heart String Marionette" will not be in Str8nime... I have developed a new style for this film.. the name and details will be released as the film is closer to being completed...its way more pretentious and complicated ^ ^

My name is also spelled wrong as it has a period that shouldnt be there its " M dot Strange" not "M. dot Strange" Its wrong on the "we are the strange" imdb but I don't know how to change it...

Also the country of production is not "USA" it is the "Internets".... this is something I'm doing on this film... I do not consider myself an "American Filmmaker" anymore as I don't have much in common with American people and if you want to get into details I'm more Draconian in nature... So those of you that knew I was a reptilian alien in disguise you are CORRECT.... so yes I consider myself an "Internet Filmmaker" as the internet is a more fitting home for aliens.

You can also list the composer as "Endika"



  1. You can contact the imdb directly and request that the errors be fixed. As the creator of the film, you have a right to do this. I had the same problem with my own entry and after I sent them a corrections list they fixed them in a couple months.

    If you register with them and then click their help - "how do I correct errors" under the "Top Questions list you get this page:

    We try to be as complete, comprehensive and accurate as possible, and the information in the database is continuously updated, but occasional mistakes and omissions are inevitable. If you have spotted an error or missing information in a filmography or title, the fastest and most efficient way to fix it is to submit a correction directly through our site.

    Every page in the database has an 'Update' or 'Edit Info' button. Click on the button on the page for the person or title you want to correct and follow the onscreen instructions. In most cases you'll be prompted to enter an optional or mandatory explanation along with the correction: please be as specific and detailed as possible. There's no such thing as too much information here: if our editors can't positively understand the reason for your request, they won't be able to apply the changes.

    If you follow the link at the end it takes you to "Correcting your own credits" page. Just follow the instructions.

    Better have the correct info, IMO. IMDB has been responsive to me, so I don't think you'll have a problem, Mdot.

    Good luck!


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