Twas the AO that was killing meh

After tweaking the shots that were taking forever it seems it was the Scene Ambient Occlusion that was causing the taking of forever to render to go along with the single threaded plugin... I had NEVER used AO for whole scenes before as it was too computationally expensive to render in a non-ridiculous amount of time... but I was like I got a quad core 3.4ghz lil farm with 8gb of ram each shUD be ok... well it wasn't... was too slow to I switched it off on all the scenes and now they are rendering at a good speed... So when that plugin goes multithreaded my renders will FLY ^ ^

Seems the gfx card fix hasn't stopped the random freezes on my main system... it froze earlier today while I was animating... after restarting I tried to open the project file I was working on and it was corrupt and wouldn't open : ( BUT then I remembered Cinema 4d has like a crash log folder where it tries to salvage project files that were open when there's a crash I went in there and found the shot and it worked : )

So I work on... and I have to remember that I do have limited hardware resources so I can't go nuts with the quality or get lazy by not optimizing scenes... how to optimize? by switching off and/or deleting everything in the scene NOT seen by the camera...

So far I've been using C4d's layer system to switch things on and off in scene hoping to keep the fps decent to do the character animation.. it works really well as you can just press the solo button for a character and work on it...

So now that I've done a little about of everything... Work has smoothed out and I'm doing about 9 shots a day... and I'm not pushing it yet... I only went nuts that one day I did 20 shots... but ya know after a certain number of hours of intense focus your mind starts to fatigue and you start making stupid mistakes and getting frustrated...if you've hit your quota already you should call it day... if you haven't hit it... you grit yer teeth and get that shit done! I'm writing in my blog while working now cause I already hit my quota for the day ^ ^ AND I have to do something while test renders run....


  1. YaY! The problem is fixed. If you've met your quota, do something productive, or not. But keep making the film AWESOME!

  2. I bought the DVD for "We Are The Strange" yesterday after I rediscovered the movie on Youtube a couple months ago. Can't stop watching it again!

    But I've been agonizing over where I'm supposed to find the song listing, or even better, what song is playing at the very end of the movie (during the credits) on the Youtube version. That song is so kickass and whenever I hear it I want to watch your film over again, but I can't find it anywhere.

  3. I always save files with increments of numbers at the end ie rev001 rev002 every 10 minutes or so, because 3d max likes to crash an eat files all the time.

  4. Glad you got your problem solved!

    Make sure to remember to take a break every-once in a while man! If you keep going non-stop all the time then you'll get worn out and that won't only be bad for your movie making but it would be bad for your health me thinks!


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