After one month: Many many terabytes

Finished another sequence today... I'm through 3 of about 40.... I haven't done an exact count yet but I think I could through over 200 shots in the first month... The render's are about 140 shots behind me though 0_0 On average 4-8 shots finish rendering a day....but I add 7-14 new shots per day as well...

All and all I'm pretty happy with the way things are going... one looming problem I can see is storage space... the first 6 minutes that were rendered took 59 gigs of space.... The film will be about 120 minutes so figure that out 0_0 AND thats just for the 3d renders.... then I need to comp all the shots and render them to a 10bit video file etc... So yeh its a good thing drives are relatively cheap...its too bad a 2tb drive is the biggest you can get though... I could use a few 4tb drives... BUT thats not a problem right NOW so I won't let it eat my brain...I just make a note then I'll deal with it when the drives are %80 full.... then I'll probably try to do some "Hard Drive DRIVE" fundraiser or something ^_^ Thanks to yall that have donated... you've helped me get this faR!!!! OR I could get a little craftier and just ask some hard drive companies to donate a few... both Seagate AND Hitachi are nearby... whatever the case it will work out somehow...

I will move on to the next sequence tomorrow.... its going to be fun because it introduces two of the other main characters...both of which are ummm full of character ^ ^ AND I get to animate the first really scary horror type scenes with this monster d00d that I know will freak you the fuck out... seriously...I had my doubts when I was designing him but I decided to go for it and make him as fucked as possible so he and his... ummm... accessories will steal the scenes most likely 0_o

But anywarS... I'm going to push to finish ahead of schedule... To do it in a year I need to do churn out 10 minutes a month.... this month I did 20+ I'll try to keep that up and MORE! ^_^


  1. Hi mdotstrange,

    I'm a 3D beginner and am enjoying your tutorials on Youtube. However just one quick question, since your video clips are longer than the usual 10min limit for most users, so you have a special account with Youtube? And I assume there is extra payment involved. I'd very much appreciate if you could direct me as to who I can contact at Youtube, so I can find out more info on this. (I've been trying all I can to reach them, but received no reply so far).

    Thanks stacks.

    Vincent (


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