Gamma: what it is?!


Have been using the AWSOME linear workflow plugin DeGamma for the whole also comes with some great lens distortion filters I've been using a ton... but ANYWAY the plug automatically switches everythang so you can render in linear space BUT what I just noticed that by default it ignores bitmap textures... what does this mean? it means it doesn't adjust the gamma of bitmaps used as textures so they are a lot darker than when you made them in like... nonlinear space... So far I didn't even notice as most everything is looking fine... BUT I've been having a hard time illuminating the ground on some shots... and guess what the ground uses a bitmap texture.... so I opened the bitmap in PShop and shifted the gamma to make it brighter and now the scenes look even better than before ^ ^ The SUCK thing is I already sent about 70 shots to render with the floor texture that I'll have to fix... BUT they haven't rendered yet so its no big deal... it would have been a big deal if I already rendered them with the incorrect gamma cause I would have to re-render...

So after discovering that I checked a few other things and a texture on the main characters sword also needed to be shifted and now it looks a lot better...

So its tough to keep track of all this stuff... just have to try to be aware and keep note of the fixes and the like... I'm glad I discovered this now and not like LATER....another stroke of luck is that all the scenes that have rendered didn't use that floor texture so they are fine.

EXCITING POST I KNOW 0_o I just finished a tough 12 hour shift and I need to empty meh brain somehow.


  1. i should really pay attention to all these things so i know what m9istakes not to make (wich i'll probably end up making anyway...) when i start animating
    but alas jsut in pre production for now

  2. Well It's very good that you are catching these problems now instead of later. On that note try not to rush if you can help it. Take your time to get it how you want it.

  3. Hey mdot: what's the poly count for your models in HSM? Are you goin low poly like the pnok video, or are you going higher poly? And how long did it take you to make a model, on average?...

  4. Master Dot when are we going to have a tiny pixel to look at? the tension is growing...

  5. @nodelete - Good question let me look.... Characters are from 40,000 to 80,000 for the bodies... the heads are low res geometry with high res SPD maps on em cause they are all Zbrush sculpts so at render time the heads are like 6 million - 9 million polys.... They look nothing like the Pnok or MSI models... those were like 100 polys ^ ^ How much time? I dont even know seemed like forever to do them all 0_o but I think once I knew what I wanted which is the hard part for me.... I could get through a character body in a day, and another day for the head and texturing.

    @Imaginario - I really want to show some stuff and I will sooN! I just need to choose carefully ^_^ Its a totally NEW and DIFFERENT style from me and I haven't seen ANY 3d that looks anything like it at all...So I want to keep it undercover for as long as possible.


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