Grind and move forward

The last couple days of production have been a grind... tough shots that just eat through the hours... I'm still on schedule though... they are all action shots and I could have made them simpler/less awesome and it would have been easier BUT ya know being on schedule is fine and all but if your not making awesome stuff whats the point ya know? So I'm doing my best to do both... To do awesome stuff while not taking 10 years to do it... haha actually I'm trying to finish in less than a year from now ^ ^ We'll see how it goes... BUT I'm thinking if I'm not going to do my best, craziest and most complex work on this film when/where am I going to do it? This is my stage and I have to go all out!

About moving forward.... So I'm animating shots while previous shots render... when a sequence is complete I watch it and take notes on error to fix LATER... in the past I couldn't stop my tweaker self from fixing them NOW but I've changed and its a good thing... I was looking at shots from this interior sequence and I'm pretty sure I'll have to re-render a lot of them because the candle flicker is too strong and gets annoying... Now if I stopped to do that now... it would kill the momentum I have working on this action sequence... fixing isn't as exciting and creating anew... So I just make a note and move on... this seems like a small thing but I must reiterate how big of a deal this has been for me.... and fixing shots and re-rendering is easy any doesn't take much time at all... takes render time yes but perhaps when I'm done with major animation I'll fix everything thats broke and hide away in a cave away from all computers till they done...

THERES ALWAYS little problems that will pop up in scenes... noisy textures, ik pops, missing objects... you just need to decide which ones you can live with and which ones you can't.... time is a good judge of this... As months pass and I have a grasp of the whole film that will be a good time to judge what needs to be fixed etc...... its just funny to me that the light flicker that I find annoying in a lot of shots was something new done by me to simulate real word lighting... BUT as I learn now films are not lit exactly like reality because well... its not always the best environment to expose images in ^ ^ Its easy to fix just turn down the settings on the noise generating the flicker and adding more fill light.


  1. Somehow I thought the torch lit idea might end up being problematic in one way or the other.I also had no doubt that you could fix those problems if they ended up happening :)

    Natural lighting can kill when trying to make live action stuff..well at least for me but my cameras weird like that..if the room is a little dark at all then it's gonna be harder to see later :/ so we're always bringing in extra lights n stuff.

    Isn't it nice knowing that you are working on your second movie!? I know I would be!

    I is gonna say HAPPY holidays to the strange man!so.. Happy Holidays!

  2. awesome man! keep workin' hard, mdot! i seriously am alive to watch HSM. that'd probably be the last thing i'd say before dying. i'd grab the nearest person and say "hey... you... yea you! watch HSM for meee *dies*" and they'd be like "hardcore sheeps masturbating!!! wtf man!" hahah kinda weird that that's the first thing that popped into my head... *hides* (p.s. i want u to know i read every single one of these entries to keep updated but i think i've only written on one once)

  3. whi know there not really going to be any stop motion in this film
    but is there still going to be some 8bit?

  4. There is no stop motion or 8-bit stuff in HSM... no video game references at all... Its all 3d in a new style.... So this film will not be Str8nime.... its still strange and anime influenced though ^ ^ The new style has a name but I will reveal all this at a later date.


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