Knowing what you want....

Since I'm working so fast now I'm wondering why I was so slow in the past.... Most of it had to do with not knowing what I wanted... NOW I am much more prepared and confident so I just make a decision and go because I know I did all the hard time refining and researching so I know what I'm going to do is on the right track... in the past I jumped into doing things before the ideas, concepts and everything else had enough time to marinate.... You have to dig deep to get the good stuff...

What kills you is second guessing... Now when I'm about to final a shot and send it to render... my tweaker self starts to rise up and cast doubts but then I say out loud "I'm down with this" and I click the button to send it off.... What has really helped as well has been my new workflow where if there are any problems after shots are rendered I make a note in the same folder as the shot and I will fix them when everything is done.... In the past it would bore into my brain and I was constantly reworking past shots *going backwards.... instead of making a note and moving on... Its all about MOMENTUM...once its moving forward DONT GO BACKWARDS because you'll have to expend a metric SHIT_TON of energeeZ to get moving at the same speed again...

In the past I would spend a lot of time fixing and reworking shots that probably got edited out anyway 0_0 So now I'm choosing the wait till the end so that I spend the time on the shots that are required instead of having to have everything perfect all the time...

Its kinda weird though because as I was doing wats I kept watching the stuff that was finished and re-editing and thinking about things but now its like the movie was already finished and I just have to print it out...know what I mean? I think that THIS is what your supposed to do... Hitchcock said something about it... like the film is already made he just has to film it.... So yeh I finally got it meh thinks... you gotta BUST on the pre-production and REFINE REFINE REVAMP REVAMP and just grind it all in your mind and keep reworking the script/storyboard/animatic till its at its best.... THEN once youve got THAT go and make the film... You will have so much CONFIDENCE because you know EXACTLY what you want and you will get it.


  1. dude u gotta put all this pure win youve learned into yer book especially all the pre pro stuff for the ppl like me who wanna make films but are unfamiliar with how to do all that

    watchin u bust out features is very inspiring too

  2. You know what's funny is I've realized that myself lately. I try to make videos for my youtube and I have friends I make videos with too but both have been failing lately. So I was thinking a lot about that lately. Then I had to do yet another report for school(Which usually means another long hard to think up mess of a report to make)
    Then someone told me that the reason it was probably so annoying for me is because I just grab some paper and go..and that I should outline my reports I decided to try that and so I found myself spending more time pre-thinking my report rather then just writing it to get it out of the way and it ended up being like 100 times easier because of it!..Then I start hearing ppl say stuff about knowing what you want before you make a game/movie/song..and it hit me. All those old fan games I had seen as a kid that looked so cool that were never finished..I bet the reason they weren't was because the creators didn't know what they wanted. They just started making it and got a few good graphic artists..maybe a good programmer..and they might have made a cool small demo..but in the end they were never completed.

    So ya I know probably 80% of this post won't apply to anyone reading it but basically I'm learning that if I want to get anywhere with my project then I have to know what I want. As long as I know what I want then all that's left is to do it! I won't waste time trying to think it up and make it at the same time if I have the thinking done before hand.

    Seeing your post is yet more confirmation to me :) ..although it is starting to sound completely obvious to me.

    Good luck on your computer storage problems btw.

  3. Other important thing that a loooot of people (like myself) forget is - work ONLY on a project at the time.
    You loose energy and focus, leave the multithread for computers...

  4. That's a good point imaginario. Over this summer I had 3 different projects I was working on..I only managed to get one done though.

  5. I never have any idea of what I'm working on. O_o

  6. I know how you feel bro, i get that with my own stories and comics. Im too scared often, hesitating if im any good. ESPECIALLY with dailouge.

    You've overcome it. I haven't.

    I have made progress with the comic though, but ive been hit with some hard criticisms, especially about some language and character clothing.

  7. LOLz, I haven't even gotten anywhere there yet. But, I have the same conflicts that you guys have.

    I can't wait for MdotStrange to finish his movie and get out that book of his. I am totally eager to learn and get somewhere!

    I have similar issues when I'm trying to "write" my ideas down, or do like picture promts or short stories or whatever. Though this stronghold is becoming less & less apparent thank goodness.

    I guess this is nothing surprising, but like all this stuff in my head are too ambiguous, abstract, not concrete, and all over the place, and I can get my ideas together. It's a total mess. And I probably think of so many ideas at once. Plus it seems like with almost every project I plan to make, it's like a whole flippin universe, man! Know what I'm saying?

    But we'll get there, and it's gonna pay off..


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