Pacing yourself...

Well it seems the only problem I'm having so far is working too hard 0_o This week I've been dealing a bit with burnout... but I'm still working... took a day off and have been making sure to sleep enough because as much as I'd like to think so.... I M not a machine that can keep working indefinitely without sleep or food.... So I eased back off the quota for a bit so I dont make my self sick or something before I go to Paris... I left a week open before I leave for my Xmas vacation so now that I'm not working that hard as I recover this week I'll just work then to make up for it....

BUT the shots are coming out awesome ^ ^ Looks amazing n'aLL that... Also my hard drive issues are not so pressing anymore... After the second sequence finished rendering I delete the shot folders off the render server and that free'd up about 500 gigs of space... there was a HUGE texture file sequence used in a bunch of those shots that probably was taking up all that space.... So now the render server drive has about 700 gigs free....

SHET I was going to share some new animation technique/philosophy with you in this post but I r so tired I can't think of it now... better peas ouT... I'll post it when I remember.


  1. You have one of the strongest work ethics around which has inspired many, myself included, to push harder in regards to animation and film.

    Taking a day or two off now and again is perfectly acceptable dude. ^ ^

  2. ay m dot i jsut wanted to ask at all if it would be worth to go to college for animation
    I really don't like being told what to do and pleasing masters and all that stuff but if i don't my dad would never let me live it down (my dad and step mom aren't very supportive of me) and i want to get into animating by myself cause i like working by myself ALOT more I even have an idea for my first movie
    but anyway i jsut wanted to hear your opinion kthnxbai
    P.S. yeah it's good to take breaks every now and then don't blow out mayne!

  3. never mind you awnsered my question while i was watching the extras disc from WATS now i feel kinnda stupid
    owell life goes on lol

  4. @Alex:

    d00d! I feel and am going through like the same or similar thing as you. I'm about to turn 17, I haven't even taken the SAT (a very big exam), and I haven't decided what college to go to, let alone go to any college at all, if that's a good idea for what I wanna do?

    I think I'll probably be going to Richard Stockton college, in my state of New Jersey, but I'm not too sure. And WHERE in the 2nd WATS disc did you find anything in which your question was answered??

    Honestly I was checking it all out and don't see or hear anything about college or any of that stuff like that! Did I miss something. I gonna make up my mind before it's "too late"..


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