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Since I do want to show yall some stuff from HSM but I really can't before its done because there isn't anything in the film that isn't totally new and original... I pretty much developed and created my own universe...with its own look, rules and way things work in a way... So as to not blow the whole surprise, or let someone else borrow it and claim it as they own new and unique style 0_o ... here's a tiny somethin... just a skeleton animation of the monster the main character is fighting right now... its a super quick, nothing fancy... just him trying to decapitate the hero

But that is my standard skeleton that ALL of the characters share... his neck and arms are elongated though ... but I used the same skeleton for all the characters because theres only one rig to learn how to animate AND I can share motion clips between ALL the characters... I can't enough about how AWESOME motion clips are in Cinema 4d... without them this film would take me 3 to 4 times as long to make... So yeh I made and rigged the main skeleton and than adjusted it to fit each character... worked perfectly!

So if there's any "under the hood" stuff you want me to show you from the film let me know!

Dave4096 asked a question about poly counts so let me post some of that stuff here...

Characters: From 40,000 to 80,000 polys for they bodies... the heads are separate objects from Zbrush sculpts... low res geometry with high res SPD maps... Low res they are like 3000 render time they are from 6 million to 12 million polys...

Sets: From 2 million to 20 million polys

%80 of the objects in the film were created in or modified in Zbrush.... You didn't know I could sculpt crazy shit did you! Well neither did I?! 0_o Zbrush and an Intuos4 allowed me to do so....

Most all textures were painted in Bodypaint... normal maps + generated by Crazybump.

The plugins I'm using in EVERY SHOT are Cactus Dan's Suite, SurfaceSpread, Zblur and Degamma.


  1. OMG 2 to 20 million poly's!?
    i remember watching the 3D extra in WATS where your biggest set was 3 mil
    how do you managed to navigate a set that big!?

  2. If you're going to Paris, do we still have the radio show?

  3. that's an interesting rig you got there

  4. @Mr.Strange - My workstation is a lot faster than the one I had on wats but the scenes are very complex and do slow down when everything is on so I use C4d's excellent layer system to solo just the things I need to see like the characters

    @Alex- I leave for PAris on Dec 1st so I'll still do the radio show on the 31st ^_^

    @Snowballschance- I built the rig following the tutorials by Cactus Dan who is a TD and makes the joints+Rigging plugins I used... its not too complex a set up but it does everything I need for this film.

  5. nice movement...body and legs!
    and there goes an head

  6. oooh, some one gets da biotch slap!!! Looks pretty solid. Im so fuckingexcited about this topic, what dvd authoring program do you recommend for high quality menues and video? What did you use on WATS?


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