Teh SECRET of Japanese animation!


Now I often wondered why all these anime shows I liked had either one or ALL of the female characters sporting huge boobs that bounced all over the place... Like in GunXSword, Outlaw Star, Cowboy Bebop, Gurren Lagaan, now in the Book of Bantorra I r watching now.....I was like hmmm well it's on in primetime in Japan so I guess to get ratings thats what they have to do? Then I read about fan service and all that... BUT thats not the secret... YOU see... GAINAXING is a mysterious power than can be used by you to cover up all the problems in your shots *for male viewers...

So like say I animated this shot of these two samurai d00ds fighting and I did a crappy job that I'm totally embarrassed about... NO PROBLEM just add a character in the corner of the shot Gainaxing! No one will see the crappy swordfight animation because they will be staring at the hypnotic boobs...

So thats all YOU HAVE TO DO for your animations! And its totally easy! Cinema 4d has a "jiggle deformer" to do just this... So I am happy to say that all the animation Sux in HSM and there's no story..but TONS OF GAINAXING to keep you sidetracked.

Oh yeh I had never seen any "Bleach" until last week... Hmmm I wonder why its so popular? Must be the story 0_o


  1. LMFAO honestly i laughed for a good 5 minuets when i saw this m dot
    kepp up the good....schinanigans


  3. Way more excited for this movie now.

  4. I apr( o )( o )ve of this filmmaking method.

  5. Dude, Bleach actually does have a pretty good story...lol but I suppose there is some of that "gainaxing" in it as well, haha.

  6. HAH. I saw what nodelete did with the word approve.

    Since I've read this post, everything boring or lame I've watched, I instantly begin to think, what IF there was some gainaxing in this flip?

  7. All jokes aside this post acts as a warning because there is actually a lot of gainaxing in HSM...BE AFRAID!

  8. DOOD. It's spelled GAINaxing. I'm a big stupid American. How dare you correct me on my pronuncing.


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