They can't all be heroeS

The fancy shots you see in trailers for animated films are probably mostly all "hero shots"... not that they have heroes in them... its just an animation term for a fancy or complex shot... They tend to slow things down when working because well... they are more complicated.... So lets say a normal shot is a character looking up and saying a line.... and a hero shot is like a character running at another, slicing his head off which rolls on the floor then jumping through a window....

I've found I can kick out 1-3 hero shots per day... I've done up to 20 normal shots a day... if they were all heroes I would finish in 2020... luckily there's lots of villains so I try to finish before 2011 ^ ^


  1. well i hope you finish in 2011 [sarcasm] cause the world is going to end in 2012![/sarcasm]
    yeah thats all I really had to


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