M dot: the producer with no money needs yer help

Hello allS... as you know I have been working away like mad animating the film and I can tell you that it is coming out AMAZING! ^ ^

As you may or may not know my friend the composer d00d Endika is going to be handling ALL of the sound on the film... thats creating, performing, recording, and mixing all the music and sound design.

We have a little work space donated to me by a friend that we are going to use for all the sound stuff... as Endika has begun to start working we noticed that the place is not ready it and we don't have adequate equipment... Producer ME already spent all my money on the things needed for the visual side and I neglected poor lil Endika so we need yer help...

Once again I'll turn to the only place I can for help... the cold and unforgiving internets... ALMOST as cold and unforgiving as the studio as its been freezing lately and there is no insulation 0_o

Now instead of begging for paypal donations like I have in the past I thought I should try to use one of these fancy fundraising sites like kickstarter I joined but someone has to invite you to start a project... so if anyone out there has the power pleaS I beggetH that I and Endika and our film are worthy!

Now to show you this isn't some ploy to get money to buy Xmas presents or somethin... here is the list I was given today by Endika for the stuff I need to raise the money for...
Things to do & buy ASAP to get the studio running and ready for sustainable production over the next 12 months.

Necessary Improvements to equipment and space

1. Fix door. Must shut and lock easy. ($0/ 30min)
2. Cover walls and ceiling in far room with foam tiles from uline ($75/ 3hours)
3. Purchase and install remnant carpet ($130/ 6hours)
4. Instal shelf above door in front room ($0/ 1hour)
5. purchase window treatment to insulate from cold ($?/ 2hours)
6. small storage unit in far room (shelf or cabinet) to store mics, stands and cables ($0/ 2 hours to organize)
7. Plexiglass in hole & mount interface ($40/ 3 hours)
8. Bass traps for both rooms (8 for $160)


1. tune piano ($80/ 2hours)
2. 1 more mic pre ($130 new, $50 used)
3. 1 decent studio headphones ($100)
4. deadicated HD & backup HD for score and sound design files ($200 or consolidate)
5. wind screen/pop filter ($13)
6. 2 new tubes for pre amps ($25)
7. standalone compressor

Wish List:
Baby bottle ($500)
Royer ribbon 121($1200) or some other nice ribbon ($400-1000)

I just saw this used Bang Olufsen with a new ribbon modified by Royer on ebay. The royer is a dope ass mic and a nice ribbon will add a lot of earthy depth and character to the soundtrack. I think this would be an absolute steal! ($400)


Looks to be about $2000 to me.... Normally I'd be like lets make due but he's getting doPE professional Opera singers to sing for free and the best mic we have is my $150 one I record all my stupid rapping with and the space isn't suited or hospitable enough to have professional musicians come in without us wasting they time or freezing them to death... We'll be using the same mic to record all the voice acting as well...

So this is my responsibility as Uberector-amator-ducer guy... I'll be making a youtube video for this cause real soon as well... It seems like I have 6000 subscribers on youtube but only like 500 watch my videos haha... Cause if like 6000 people gave 50 cents each that would be more than enough without me feeling like a douchebag for taking too much of yer money..

So yeh if anyone can invite me to kickstarter that would be awesome or if yer like rich and just want to drop mad dollarz with a paypal donation you can do with the "Donate to Studio Strange" button below.

Again, thanks to all of you who donated and took care of all the things needed for me to handle the visual side of the film! I'm plowing through the WIN every day thanks to you!

We'll make due in any case... I just want my friend to have the proper tools so he can show the world what he is capable of...and I don't want the voice acting to sound like crap haha.

Update 1: 5% there thanks to the first donator Ian... thanks d00d!
Update 2: Thanks to Ricky and Thorgin its %12 there!
Update 3: Thanks to Tyson its %28 there!
Update 4: Thanks to Bob its %31 there!
Update 5: Thanks to Jemilla its %35 there!
Update 6: %51 there thanks to Bradley!!
Update 7: %70 thanks to over 9000 donations by Brad ^ ^ sanks to Ed and Zach too!
Update 8: %82 Thanks to Jamie, Larry, DAvey and Christoffer!


  1. like i mentioned earlier if it's money you need you could set up a pre order list
    make an option for pre order and well send you the money for it
    and you could just wirte down our mailing addresses or something like that
    and send us the copies of HSM personally
    i think that will pull in some money for you and you won't feel so bad because people are buying your product in advance
    (you could also make the pre order edition like...mega hella special and diffrent then the other copies you sell)
    i'm jsut suggecting i'd be donating if i could but as i'm only 16 i don;t have any moneHS
    but once christmas comes around i'll donate to you what i can ^^

  2. Spike Lee took donations, and I don't think he felt bad about it. There is nothing to feel bad about,
    and a donation is a donation; there is no requirement for it to be a pre-order.

  3. I really wish that I could help you out with this but unfortunately, being an unemployed teenager, I have very little money. I will try to get some together to send you though and hopefully I will be able to help out a bit ^^

  4. Hey d00d!

    I can't do any cash at the moment but I can donate a brand new 1TB Hitachi drive to U if this is any use (this was a spare I got for my 8TB RAID).

    Just e-mail meh and we can sort something out.

    All teh best!


  5. What if you don't have paypal, how to donate?

  6. Bones have been thrown your way :)

  7. random question but when are you going to release some more music?
    cause i been jammin to IFA and wondered if you were working on anyhting new


    Green stuff in the digital post dude, keep on rockin' it.


  9. How2 donate from Mexico w/o credit card? I have a savings account. Maybe you have an account I could transfer money to directly?

  10. Hope you like your early Christmas gift. It's not much, but it comes from the bottom of a poor college student's heart. You're one of the most inspiring people I've ever seen and I hope that even a measly virtual 10 dollar bill will help you guys out.

    With love~~ Zach

  11. hella love, you awesome dude. Paypal hates me but finally got another round of giftage through!!

  12. I bought myself the art supplies I needed. <: I think the extra cash can go towards THE MOVIE THAT WILL END THE WORLD!!! WOOOOOOoooooo!!!

  13. M dot, your acquaintance Susan B may be able to invite you:


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