Thanks to my producers! ^_^ You!

So after a little over a week we have raised over %50 of the money thanks to:

Brad (donated 2x yer crazy! ^ ^)

So thanks to you awesome generous people for supporting studio strange we got to $1,368.00 or the $2,000.00 BUT thats enough for Endika to get the gear he NEEDS to get working on the score and sound design... the other $600 is planned for some fancy ribbon mic he used once and said was awesome for strings... So I transferred the money to my bank account as you can see in the image and I will write him a check today as I leave for my Xmas break tomorrow... I've been getting dizzy a lot while working so I should prob take it easy for a LITTLE BIT (3 weeks) then come back twice as fast ^ ^

So as YOU are my producers I want to show you something so that you know I'm not wasting the money on whatever less hardcore "filmakers" waste money on...

So far I have finished animating 7 sequences of the films 41 sequences... 5 of those sequences have rendered and I will be editing them on my break... I'm also re-storyboarding ALL of the fight scenes on my break as well.... Sequence 4 is finishing rendering right now and I'll dump that in but when I took this capture its not there... that sequence is only like 2 minutes though... I finished animating seq 7 but its rendering and not ready for edit yet...

SO those are unedited sequences... so I imagine I'll shave a minute or two off of each one... Originally I was worried I'd be able to do 20 minutes of animation before my Xmas break BUT it seems I did over 60 minutes!!! 0_0 Sequence 7 is another 5 minutes.... So i did over an hour over WIN FULL 3d character animation in 3 months... thats like awesome as I'll prob make a 4 hour film now or release 2 films at once... I already have an idea how to do that and make it all suite...I'm really excited about the release concept and it makes total sense with the narrative.... So yeh I did 7 sequences = hour... and there are 41 sequences... AND its not slow at all... The script is 97 pages but as I'm animating I've added a lot more... SO YOU MIGHT GET TWO M DOT STRANGE ANIMATED FEATURE FILMS AT THE END OF NEXT YEAR!

There are 41 sequences but they vary greatly in length.... Seq2 is actually the longest one in the film.... BUT knowing the material and how things are working out... its going to be too long for one film... So I'll probably split it into two....

But yeh I hope that assures how that I am working hard and doing my best for yall... again, MEGA THANKS for all your help and support... and in a year from now EVERYTHING on both these films should be Completed.

Best wishes, dizziness and aching wrists from your pal M dot Strange.


  1. Glad I could help out. As little as it seems. Credit really goes to Ed for reminding me over twitter.

    You have a great break and a merry Christmas man. Dizziness sounds like a bad symptom! Get yourself some rest! D:

  2. Two films?!?!? OMFG! I'll buyed them both! By the way, is there going to be a Christmas show or just a New Year's show?

  3. mayne....that is a MUCH neede break i bow to your superior animating skills and anticipate the release ^^
    (good to see your not all worried about time I hate how every movie is like 2 or 3 hours long...)

  4. PHHT.

    Not wasting the money? WE NEED NO EVIDENCE.

    I know the donations I've made over 2009 were all about _giving back_ and showing total faith in you man.

    WATS for free? The endless youtube videos? Your blog? Albums, philosophy, insight, challenges, benchmarks? There's not enough cash on the planet to show the value of that stuff.

    There's been about a million nights where I've hit the point of fuck this / art is for suckers / I could be doing something "sensible" with my time and then remembered out there somewhere is an awesome crazy dude in a bunker producing shit that's blowing minds everywhere and gone yeah, no, yes, fuckit, power on, produce more, embrace the bubble, suck down some more crazy hardcore ideas, dig up the hagakure, go hard or die trying.

    You're waving a mega fucking important flag man, and that's why we all get behind you. Like we doubt for a second that you're doing the good shit. =D

  5. @tomo thats gotta be like mega inspirational feed back for m dot good job XD

  6. Man im sorry i didn't donate. Im having alot of issues at home, though even if i wasn't, pay pal is mean to me. If i can ill try and donate.

  7. left alittle change in your tip jar. best wishes.

  8. Thanks everyone for the donations and generous support! I will post some pics & video and stuff of the studio improvements you guys are making possible!! Happy New Year to you all-

  9. Merry christmas m dot strange!

  10. Got a suggestion how to raise some cash for mdot. Everyone do an ebay sale on a specific date, mentioning who we are and what the money is for - attaching links to this site and youtube in the listing. What you all think?



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