Thoughts at years enD.

A year's end is just a punctuation mark on a sentence you can choose to ignore... but for the sake of clarity and the need to organize, process and drive forward I will totally like write some year end stuff...

- Seems like now more than ever before... most normal people assume that the quality of something is directly related to how much money it makes and vice versa... if it has made a bajillion dollars it must be the best...if it has made 10 dollars it is the worst... the mainstream has always been the mainstream but now social networking allows the stream to build faster and stronger (read... dumb and DUMBER ^_^ )

- Even if a film isn't a pre-sold franchise the visual style, narrative and thematic elements are... its the same thing in a new way (read... gay3(cubed and shet) not in a 1950's way)

- Joseph Campbell said that a culture/society needs to be infused with new mythology periodically to remain healthy, vibrant, alive... most films have been shoveling the same old shiTE down peoples throats in new ways... no new mythos... lame, beaten, tired pathos... What are they telling you? What are you learning? From what perspective? What are you feeling?

- I feel that we are finally at the cusp of a real artistic revolution... now if everyone would realize that and stop chasing around "experts" and "bosses" to tell them what to do they would rawK teh world... if they would stop chasing empty immediate feelings and instead get on the long road toward realizing and living ones dreams the world would be a better place...

- Inside all of us is the power to create and destroy... light and dark... I'm not sure which side I'm on but I know I must not stop.

- When was the last time you said "AMAZING" and really REALLY meant it?

- When hyperbole replaces original thought and educated opinion... numbness will reign supreme and anxieties will be created to fill the void where HEART and GUTS once sat.

- I'm just one d00d... but these days with a bunch of computers one d00d can do a lot.

- I'm thankful that I'll get to do this for another year.

- When my new film comes out... some people might die inside... and with they deaths many more will get lyfe..... but not in prison... and hopefully not me.....ITS JUST A FILM ^_^

BEST to YOU and YOURS in 2010 homies!

Yer Phase Alternating Line,

M doT StranGE 2009


  1. - Inside all of us is the power to create and destroy... light and dark... I'm not sure which side I'm on but I know I must not stop.

    i loved that part. ^_^


  2. Worrrrd. I wish you at least 150 more years of life X 7. The size of your balls could eclipse the sun from hollywood to williamsburg and with its overwhelming visual presence, remind all other artists why they chose to become artists in the first place.

    Thanks for all the buckets of win, hope and specially thank you for existing good sir.

  3. Here's to a very counting-down-by-tens year ahead of ya.

  4. Hey, I'll totally send you some $ for the sound design fund as soon as I can. I can definitely spare some change for one of the few worthwhile independent filmmakers in the USA.

    Btw, have you seen this?! :

    This movie blew my mind... Definitely looks like it was aesthetic inspiration for 'We are the Strange', or at least synchronicity.

    Happy New Years.

  5. I'd have to say the last movies that made me say "amazing" were your "We are the Strange", Howls moving Castle, and Up.

    Here's hoping your 2010 is as good or better then your 2009 ^_^

  6. WATS soot me down and took me home. U gave me a hand & took me from the forest
    Thank u, M..) .dot strange)

    I know they'll say its agressive
    I know they'll say its dark
    But they are liars, not u, they lie to you, they dont want to see real. I say to them look around its a dark room here. He just say truth

    They said: "Why are they so ugly?"
    I said: "They are not UGLY, they are strange, they unlike then others - they cant be others"
    They'll say: "We dont like them"
    -Please never listen, and dont be ever sad of this, they just lie to u, true that who dislike only who dont understand. Remember it

    and I like your voice)))

    sorry for my english)) Im an alien)), but for understanding its no need and I understood the language u used, and u talked to me from "WATS".& I understood u...

  7. Hey, EviL:D in the purest sense), we are waiting for your second perfomance....we are still clapping hands...Encore!..once more EnCORE!!!..We need you
    p.s. F*ing art academics die. Keep silence..HE IS COMING


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