Beggars can't be...yeh...

 I think that's a monster hiding down there about to eat those two friends?!?!

So after posting the pics of the finished studio space to record the music and do the sound design for HSM... I got a phonecall from Endika at 11pm...

"Well the landlord just told us to GTFO now"

So a friend has been letting me use the space for free all this time which I am totally thankful for... I was lucky to have access to it rent free all this time... but now one of the landlord's family members needs a place to live so we have to go so he can live there...

Now I really felt bad for Endika because he has been the one fixing that place up with the money you donated and now he has to leave before even doing any work... but us beggars can't be choosers... So now producer meh has to figure out what to do... I need to find a place for him to work in for 10 months...

NOW this would have been a major downer BUT since the film is PURE FUCKING AMAZING EPIC WIN so far ^ ^ I'm not worried at all... its got too much momentum to be hindered by such an occurrence... I now have a small team of people working with me on HSM with some amazing voice actors waiting to do they thang... I've got all of you supporting me ^ ^

So yeh it definitely SUX but shit happens... and when yer a beggar you have to accept such things and move on and hope you can find a new place for free or cheap that you can use for a long enough time to get the work done...

The good news is that most of the stuff bought with the money you donated is stuff we can keep... the mic... bass traps etc... the only thing that will be a loss will be the floors, the paint, wood etc... the materials we bought to fix the rooms up... we spent most of the money on equipment we can keep so yeh thats good eh?

I think I have something to sell to make enough money to rent a studio for ten months... its not a kidney ^ ^ I shall keep yall posted... now back to animation for me....


  1. looks like itll be back to the old bedroom studio for now then lol

  2. Hey sorry to hear that man. But hey your last movie was in a bedroom studio so your second one can be too!
    Good luck :)

  3. You have the right attitude, d00d. As filmmaker Werner Herzog said, "It is only the project that counts."

  4. Damn, man I wish you best of luck. Maybe I should finally donate to you so you can help find a place to stay. Also, bro! I wanna do a voice of someone in the film!!! even if it's some random guy standing ontop of an mountain shouting curses to the world for being homeless and then is hit by a flying sword, or something. Please? Hit me up at Oh in case you didn't know I am the same guy that said your Epic blogtalk radio was "Pointlessly amazing/greatness" or something along those lines. I still enjoy listening to it :D

  5. That sucks. Tho' stuff like this makes you stronger if you is dedicated and we all know that you and Endika are!



  6. D0000D!!!!! I can't believe that happened to y'all, man! Oh that's so bogus. But hey as long as you got the solutions to go on, this shouldn't be much of a problem. I would really love to donate to yalls, but that might not be so great with my mom. I don't know, I'll try something, I wanna support you! We all do!

    Shoot this' probably BEEN asked, idk I haven't really been around these part of el RED for a while cause of school and hella homework and my anxiety and all that bog. I wanna do some kinda voice! I wanna do a great voice, even if it's just a one liner.

    Like how should I do with this things? What like record my voice on my mic and send to ya? Huh? You'd give a line or part of the script? I probably won't make stuff off the top of my head, idk this ain't "Zen Filmmaking". Go at me at, or o yea..

    But jes, either way, j00 da maynE! M dot & co. shall do the do, and fight the good fight! Blessings on yours endeavours..


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