Excellent traditional Japanese 3d models: 3d Chaya

So for the film I needed some traditional Japanese buildings to add way off in the distance for the matte paintings... and I found this site 3d Chaya...

They offer lots of free models and give you permission to use them in your projects... since I was using them in a film I paid for the site subscription as it is very affordable for a month of access... since the models were made in Japan they are very detailed and of excellent quality ^_^

All you have to do is add your own textures... all the models have all the different parts either in separate pieces or through the use of selection tags so its really easy to add your own textures... the models are in the obj format which is a very common import format...

So if you need some traditional Japanese 3d models go check out 3dchaya.com!


  1. So I'm seeing that your movie will have the japanese influence ^_^
    Ofcourse when you mentioned samurai's that was enough to say that.

    I'm dieing to see something from this! Can't wait till it's done

  2. holy crap m dot THANK YOU i was jsut working on a animation of a Koi Pond so this could help me in the scenery!
    i just wish i didn;t try to apply a matrix extrude to all 60 segments of a plain with only 512mb's of RAM... and forgot to save... lol


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