The finished music/audio studio thanks to you!

Thanks to your donations Endika was able to fix up what once was one and a half messy rooms... and turned it into a legit control room and tracking room... check out the pics!

So yeh Endika did all the work on this place... I was really impressed 0_0 He made the most of the money and did a great job... So yes AGAIN this was THANKS TO YOU! So mega thanks to everyone for your donations! This was possible because of YOU! ^_^

NOW back to producer hat me: We spent a few days trying to tweak at his M-Audio Profire 2626 interface because when working with the mic inputs you have to turn the pots all the way to 3 o'clock to get a decent level.... I was reading on the m-audio forums that its normal behavior but having to crank the input close to max to get a decent signal is kind of a crappy solution... SO now we're looking into other preamp solutions as we have $304 left from the donated money... Possibly the Presonus Digimax D8 which is $399... Also the power in that room is really dirty... causing weird pops in the audio, dimming the lights etc... So I have to go to Frys this week to get a cheap APC UPS for it...AND two 1tb hard drives... One for his work drive and one as a backup.... So as you can see the work on your film never stops and there is never enough money.... just the way it is... you have to decide what is absolutely neccessary...and isn't it weird that me the pretentious artist animator d00d is like the audio tech too?! ^_^ AND Endika is a musician/composer YET he became like a carpenter and built all that stuff and fixed up the room.... You gotta learn what ya gotta learn and you gotta do whats needed to make your film a reality so thats what I'm doin... thats what I've always done and there's always MORE to learn....but its fun... I like being an audio geek too ^_^

OK now back to being an animator...


  1. Haha Baby Bottle...I imagine that baby)

  2. this movie just keeps getting better and better allthough i don;t think anything can top up when i found out JP was in it THAT mega made my like.... year

  3. Congratulations, the place and equipment look great. You are right about cranking the levels high on the M-Audio, that aint' how it's supposed to work.

    Good luck on the audio work. Very glad to support Endika's work (and yours, too).


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