The gears will be turning again soon...

I get back to A_merica to go back to work this Monday... I tried to work as little as possible while I was here on like vacation and stuff and I must say I did a great job at doing NOTHING ^_^ BUT I was still staying up on c4d stuff so I got C4d Jack's suiTE lil free plugin GearBuilder

So I made some gear inner workings for a pipe organ I built for the film last month... these are untextured and not lit and all that crap but thought I would show you some pipe organ guts.

And thanks to the people who donated recently!


  1. It reminds me of "I'm a cyborg but that's okay" super strange awesomeness!!! I CANT WAIT FOR THE MOVIE!!!

  2. hahaha i get the title it's supposed to be a JOKE funny stuff...
    anyway i jsut thought id tell you that i was having this wired and quite depressing dream
    and then i saw you and you were all like WHUT
    and said this to me it's got to be the most inspireing thing i've ever herd and had to tell you (even though you already technicly told me)

    "mayne the strangness inside you can never die it's like a fire that always BURNS and never EVER goes out even when you die that fire still burns in the memories of others and the things you leave behind now you rely on a source of energy thats very weak relying on others to make you happy it can be destroyed at any given moment when you have an unlimited source burning inside you! just pull your strength from the fire and let it consume you and
    burn you up all that remains is jsut one d00d who knows who he is and what he wants in life and whatever that may be you have the means to grab it and hold onto it and NEVER let go"

  3. Vacation?? WTF!! )) Mozart of filmmaking!! VACATIONS ARE OVER))
    Young genius force him playing, burning and dying under your genius hands.
    I know its hard it needs time...BUT JUST DO IT. Show must go on!! we all near))With you^_^


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