I hope it doesn't come to this....

Well yeh so it seems we have to leave the studio space within the week...  Endika and I decided that the sound stuff will get done no matter what NO MATTER where he be it will be done! So yeh... well at least he learned how to be a carpenter and like build stuff ^ ^

AND ya know on this movie the DVD will also have alternate soundtracks like the last one... I'll be doin one as well... This week has been frustrating... animation inside the computer has been going awesome...but the real world (money, people, places) has gone to shit... Out of my frustration I made this little thing just now that I'll probably expand upon and fix up for the M dot alternate soundtrack to HSM.... ALSO jp from Rabbit Junk wants to do a track for the film as well! How awesome is that!!!!


  1. YAY FOR ALT SOUNDTRACKS!Sad for losing that studio :(

    nice little tune you made thar :D

    Is that sword the thing you were gonna sell that you mentioned last post? So sad that's a cool sword. Oh and I gotta say THANKYOU FOR MAKING THOSE C4D VIDEOS! I never payed attention to them because I didn't have cinema 4d or anything but now that I got the demo, Those tutorials are helping a ton!

    Still learning basics and all though.

    Good luck on your studio stuff

  2. ARgh so unfortunate just when you've built such a cool studio! But sure you will sort something out for an even better one somehow!!!

    OH i'd reallly love to do a Cementimental alternative NOISETRACK if you like?

  3. Katana..hmmm...serious thing:)
    The situation are very serious
    Take it easy!
    The world does not deserve Katana
    it deserves A-bomb!:)

  4. Oh, man, sorry to read about all of the troubles with the landlord and your sound studio. Esp after all the work you guys put in. Sometimes all of the shit comes in waves and you just got to deal. Good luck, mDot.

    Love the short music piece. Strange and epic and dark and weird. Perfect. One part of the "We are the Strange" DVD that I love is the multiple audio tracks. I've watched the film many times with different audio and the film changes completely each time.


    So glad you are doing the same thing for the new film.

  5. I can't believe that you made a friend of JP just by making a music video. it sounds so easy put that way lolz. Again bro, sorry to hear about your current Funk. But one thing is for certain man, you gotta keep pushing through life, cuz bro your are very inspiring. Love the horror track you made btw. Oh try listening to "DMG Guitar" by Animal Style / Open air to get hella cheered up! Works for me.

  6. YEAH i love JP's work! ^^
    so what are your plans after moving out of the studio anyway? are you going to animate in your bedroom cave? or are you gunna look for a new studio? if only i were endlessly rich id build one for you lol

  7. Thanks for yallS support ^ ^

    That studio space was ONLY for the audio portion of the film... music, voice acting, sound design... Losing this space has no effect on the visual production of the film as I've been doing that in the trusty bedroom studio ^ ^ And that is full speed ahead... my concern is that I'm not making a silent film so sooner or later the audio part needs to get going nah mean.

    Yo Tim! Yeh d00d that would be awesome! I'll have to supply you with the film then ^ ^ I better hurry up and make this thing

  8. BULLSHIT! Out of all times you guys could have been asked to leave, why NOW!? Right when you guys got all that shit done! He probably just wanted those walls, man. The Landlord should refund you guys for the repairs and that awesome food-passing-window. If not, you guys should tear down the walls and take them with you since they're yours anyway!

    Wonderful job Endika! Your room is amazing! Don't let that shit get you down! You guys can pull through and amaze us once more when you get the sound recorded.

    You guys are amazing, this is just another crazy chapter in "THE MAKING OF HSM" (Which you should include in the DVD.) You guys punched the studio obstacle in the face! You were able to make it for cheap!!!! You guys are climbing mountains! It's inspiring!

  9. Excellent! Haha get on with it then ^_^! yeah seriousely, send stuffs when the time is right and I'll work on epic noiseversion! Exciting!!!!

  10. If you commit hari kari, you should youtube it.


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