No studio.. NO PROBLEM ^ ^

Thanks for all yer support in regard to losing the studio space... made me feel good that yall have so much faith in my bedroom studio ^ ^ haha but just to clarify things I never moved the animation production out of the bedroom studio... the warehouse space was for the sound only...

NOW having said that Endika gave me the first bits of music for the film today.... they were only two one minute samples BUT they were beautiful, twisted, dark and amazing! He recorded it by himself in a garage somewhere and it sounded great... So yeh now I guess it helps if you have a "proper" place but in the end its your talent, drive and creativity that make it happen... So it would make sense for a bedroom animated film to have garage produced sound eh?

With the sequence I finished today I am now through %31 of the film... I feel like I'm getting better as it goes on... I'm still doing the best I can on every shot and not relying on cheap tricks just to get a shot done... of course its not going to be perfect and I have to be ok with some imperfections but I think as long as I keep pushing it and not settling for the "easy" shot its going to be great... Did the first decapitation of a monster in the film this past week... I LEARNED IT BY WATCHING YOU

Tech notes: Most of the shots in the last sequence ate up about 7.5gigs of ram during renders 0_o I had to add a 2tb drive to the workstation because the 1tb media drive in there was like %90 full... proB have to add two more 2tb drives as things go on and I'll have to add a few 2tb drives to the server as well when I get to comping...  one of the render nodes kept crashing so I had to disable the OC on it... its a quad 2.5ghz and it was running at 3.4ghz... temps were fine just crashed all the time... the other nodes at 3.4 are fine... thinking about the final comps... I need to get a broadcast CRT to color correct when comping... If money wasn't an issue I'd want to get that new HP Dreamcolor paired up with a Kona card... but money is an issue so I'll probably borrow an old CRT + Blackmagic card to do it... thats what we did last time and it worked fine...


  1. of course your learning as you go m dot everyone learns something ever_Y day it's good to see nothing can stop you guys from achievng your goals by being determined yourself you make me determined to keep animating and keep getitng better and better
    and i'd help you with moneh and all but i don't haz that myself or i would
    anyway my rendering finished time to go back to C4D buh bye

  2. glad to see that nothing stops you guys

  3. Get an old commodore amiga monitor if you need to output to NTSC. They are cheap secondhand, check your local pawn shop, plus they are super rugged and never die (I still use mine to watch DVD's sometimes)

    (plus... hook up shutter glasses and you can use them for 3D too)

  4. Learned animating decapitation by watching us?! What?!

  5. Did the first decapitation of a monster
    First of many I hope? ^_^

  6. A bit off topic I suppose, but what's your opinion on LOST? I personally love the show... wait never mind, you don't watch TV. I feel so STUPID. ^^

  7. So, how are you doing the voice's for the film while animating if you haven't even started the voice work. are there no mouth's in the film? I assume all faces are covered by mask's/samurai/ninja outfits.


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