Notes before I jump back in....

So I'm almost finished prepping for the next 3 sequences I need to animate...

- Its tough but you really have to separate the "needs" from "wants" when in production... for example... I "want" a new laptop since mine is dying... it freezes a few times an hour, the U key doesn't work(using ext keyboard now ^_^) and the wifi randomly disconnects... I think I can still edit on it though haha... but I "need" a 2tb hard drive for the workstation... when you only get what you NEED the budget stays pretty low...

- Procrastination attacks even meh! When I'm supposed to be uberector updating storyboards Mr Producer jumps in and starts pricing hard drives online then looking at new CPU benchmarks 0_o.. but I got through it and finished my scheduled work for the day..

- before each new sequence I back up and render out proxy mov's from the last... then look over the storyboards and rework them if I have too... either for storytelling reasons because something has changed or for scheduling purposes if it has too many shots to do in the allotted time...then I record the temp voiceover needed for each separate shot... up till then the temp voices from the animatic are in bigger chunks that span several shots but for lip sync purposes in C4d they need to be isolated...

- Panic turns on Mr. cheap-o animator who takes shortcuts... the tuFF thing is to keep the fear away and keep doing fully developed animations while working fast enough to not fall behind... QUOTAS QUOTAS QUOTAS! I just did my calculations... I has to do 5.5 shots a day for the rest of the month to stay on proB ^_^

- When the dialogue is information heavy makes the shots longer and less complex so the viewer can focus on the information if it is important...

- Hope for the best BUT prepare for the worst... I work mostly alone as you know... even when others are working with me I am always prepared to handle everything by myself just in case things dont work out for whatever reason... the SHOW must GO ON and when its your show YOU have to make sure it goes on NO MATTER WHAT!

- A good friend of mine from way back wif sum programming skills has offerred to help me with the HSM "interactive" offerings I have planned for you ^_^ They involve Unity3d and Flash...

- Just when you think you know it all.. you realize you only know a little and you have to scramble to learn before teh beast swallows you... colorspaces, full linear workflow, game engines..

- I think the animatic phase is the most exciting phase of film production

- My paL DarkShadow will be doing a 2d animated sequence in the film ^_^ and if your reading this DS8181 I'll send you that package soon homiE!

- I've lived my whole life for this moment so I must not fail!


  1. whatever you do, don't become mr. cheapo shortcuts anim8tor. you've got an hour's worth of pure win already.

    if u make an HSM interactive that'll be sweet as all get out especially with unity being so nice n freindly to use

    we're all dying of anticipation, still can't wait to die inside

  2. We're all with you, brother. One person doing the job of six makes you a little Kraaazy and worrisome. You'll get it down. I know you will. And I love your comment about thinking you know everything and then realizing you only know a little. Something I need to remind myself of, too.

    Very cool with Unity with interactive offerings. And I'm psyched about the 2D design in the film.

    If I had a billion bucks, I'd give half to you for your "needs". Hehe

  3. Hey there Strange, great to have this new film by you in production!

    I wanted to thank you for all the YouTube Film Schools. Your enthusiasm is contagious.

  4. mdot you are inspiring. keep rockin!!!

  5. YEAH M DOT rock the C4D (just don't rock it wrong like you did that mic :P)

  6. i really loved the last part. ^_^ keep on keepin' on, mdot! -hot rolla

  7. Whatever u do it will be better than "AVATAr"^.^
    So u'll get something better than OSCAR pop doll ^-*
    all u ever wanted all u ever needed is HERE in Ur ARMS


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