Producer hat--- Uberector hat

As I work in the now I R Uberector(Writer,Director,Animator, Compositor, Visual Fx artist, Editor etc etc)

When I think about the future and its needs I R Producer

I get back to work animating on Monday... lots of tasks I have to do now to prep for Monday and LOTS MORE tasks to do to prep for the future... Its really tough to switch back and forth...whats important NOW?! What will be important THEN?!!

ON the bright side... Mentally i R back to full power... I'm not the wimp I was when I left for vacation now my mind wants a challenge again... how long before it wimpers? ^_^

First thing I did when I got back was check the renders that finished when I was gone... PRETTY GOOD my error ratio is going down... out of 45 shots only 4 needed fixing NOT like the flickering light FAIL of sequence 2!!! I have to go back and redo like 50 shots for that one hahaha BUT I found a semi automated solution by making an xpresso tag preset and adding it to the FAIL lights and just dragging and dropping the new light object in the xpresso object box...

I'm really lost in life without my films... they are my life and who I am so I must do my best lesT yall think i R FAIL

K better get back to scheduling work for the year...

Thanks again to the people who donated recently! I have all yer names saved and stuff and I'll be sure to send you somethin special when I get a handle on this film ^_^


  1. Sweet, I loves promotional stuff. ^ ^ Can't wait. I keep planning on donating, but as of now I has no money, so just wait for a little bit more money.

  2. Also 'save' my name, Andres Felipe Garay!..


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