Teh behind the scenes photo album lives!

Thanks to Google/Youtube for sending me a free Nexus One for Xmas... I've NEVER had a mobile phone before BUT I'm only using it with wifi cause I don't like frying meh brain AND I don't like teh "providers" It's still kinda useful even though I can't talk to anyone : ( Well, when Google relaunches Gizmo5 I'll be able to use it as a wifi phone with Google Voice ^_^ ANYWAY I started taking behind the scenes photos with it which like I upload to this album...

So I'll update it all the time if you want to see what I'm doing... ok back to werk!


  1. You lucky bum XD

    Google/Youtube must really like you huh?


  2. and ya dood the photos are awesome! I see you still have that crazy doll XD

  3. awesome! i love when you post behind the scenes kinda stuff. i popped in WATS the other week. it seriously got me so excited for HSM. every once in awhile i have the thought "i wonder what mdot is working on righttt nowwww" lol in my new blacklights studio i put my signed WATS images on the wall by my new desk. your body of work serves as an infinite source of inspiration for me. so thx u 4 that. and keep workin' hard on HSM! ^_^

    p.s. i achieved 5,000 views for blacklights 2 weeks ago or so (actually almost 6,000 now) and in february/march i will be dropping a new music video. should be good. :)

  4. It still freaks me out that your cat looks exactly like mine.


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