Apparently WE are not included in the "future of filmmaking"

So as an all around animation/film/everything geek... I try to follow whats going on in the film biz etc...

Now with Pocahontas in Blue making all the money in the world and with Spielberg making "Tintin" with the same "revolutionary" technology those dinosaurs and they cronies are hailing 3d mocap technology "the future of filmmaking" Ok so this is the future here...

Does anyone else not find this shit totally ridiculous?!? ^ ^ Ok so you get real living human actors to put on these awkward gangly suits, with markers all over they faces to dance around as you wave sticks at them and shit? AND this is done because it gives the director more control? Because you could just have animators keyframe animate the stuff? OH but I see that takes the CONTROL away from the DIRECTORS....

Now you and I as independent animators... lets get with the future! Ok let me get a million dollars for the gear...ok ok let me rent a warehouse to haus all this crap... let me hire a bunch of actors and prevent them from acting cause I'm telling them exactly what to do and where to step with they predator suits on...

Oh wait we can't afford to do this... this new way of filmmaling completely LOCKS OUT regular people and only allows the RICH to make films...  I mean they are RICH so they are better than everyone else and they make TONS OF MONEY so they must be the best and the smartest and the most talented so yeh lets follow them into the future!

Now after reading some interviews with Lucas, Spielberg and Cameron about this new way of filmmaking... I have come to the conclusion that they really want to make films the way I DO with TOTAL CONTROL yet they LACK THE SKILLS to do it so they have to burn all these resources, spend profane amounts of money and create this RIDICULOUS way of making films simply because time has passed them by and they didnt keep up....They want the CONTROL but they dont have the SKILLS.... The future of filmmaking here and it has nothing to do with people dancing around with predator dreads with old d00ds waving sticks at them saying "this is a dinosaur" RAARRRRRR!

The future of filmmaking is in the INDIVIDUAL having total control over the process because HE/SHE can do EVERYTHING required by the process WITHOUT the need for profane sums of money because they are utilizing consumer level technology which gets more powerful and cheaper everyday... So they are not tethered to investors... they are not tethered to corporations with they product placement bullshit... they are free to do anything they want...

SO what they will give you with this FUTURE is the SAME OLD SHIT in a NEW WAY... you should demand NEW THINGS in A NEW WAY! The masses will cheer for REMAKES, REBOOTS, RETAKES and ADAPTATIONS in 3d till they eyeballs fall out as long as the publicity and advertising budgets allows adequate saturation... because it makes them comfortable.

I know here in A_merica everything is excused as LONG AS YOU MAKE TONS OF MONEY... and I know here people assume that which makes the most money is obviously the best... and that which is the most popular is obviously the best... and they love using the term "laughing all the way to the bank" but FUCK THAT and FUCK YOU if you believe that! You have no right to utter the word "art" or "film" you capitalistic whore scumbag! GTFO my blog right now ^ ^ I'm HERE to bring film back into ART where it belongs... thats where it was before bean counters and talentless fuX brought the nepotist "it's who you know or who you blow" ladder out... 

Is this really the rehashed in 3d future that you want? 

If Orson Welles were alive right now I'm sure he'd bitchslap these lazy modern directors whilst learning his Cinema 4d ^ ^ 


  1. "Avatar" doesn't change anything.

    Avatar doesn't stop Blender from being free.

    Avatar doesn't stop the off lease computer store from selling me a bunch of used p4's for really cheap.

    Avatar doesn't stop me from making my own film using these tools in my own time.

    Avatar doesn't diminish my own talent nor does it stem the flow of ideas from my dreams, or the epic win over 9000 +power level up every time I finish a new production with new skills under my belt (I just wrapped my latest prod, a 10 min short that makes everything else I've ever done look like garbage =)

    I've always made films with the motivation to make the films that I want to see, because so few other filmmakers are doing that. The big studios can keep jumping up and down, doesn't change anything. I'm still starting my next production tomorrow, avatar or no avatar. (And I don't have to dress up in a stupid mocap suit either....)

    We are the future of filmmaking and the future is NOW.

  2. The formula gets even more illuminated by viewing this web page:

    When people sense chaos encroaching, they seek solace.

  3. Never saw so much "remix" like Avatar. Next day went to see last W. Allen, brilliant, so much you can do with 3 actors in an appartment.
    People say "don't look at the story, just see the effects" buuuuu...
    It's time for the independent master M, it's time for USSS

  4. it's good to see someone still cares about art
    it really has gone to the point where film isn't an art anymore
    it's just crap that makes me feel sorry for myself after i watch it
    my family made me see avatar
    yeah it looked nice there was a buncha pretty colours (keep the masses mezmorized with em didn't really work with meh)
    but i didn't feel anything from the movie i don't really want to watch again
    where as WATS was the opposite
    WATS wasn't fancy mo cap and shiet
    it was c4D and you were still learning it so it wasn't the best animation ever (i like fining your errors and learning from them in that movie) but i feel alot from it!
    and i watch that again and again! because it's the movie i want to watch something that came from the heart not the wallet

  5. you and nodelete inspire me to no end.

    i found that avatar didn't totally suck but i blame their over bland trailer for making me think it just another boring 9 movie

  6. Spilberg-taxidermist! he sucks, I hate his stuffed dinosaurs ^^
    the problem that progressive technologies in 3D human-modelling looks very poor now
    so they trying to save the position with motion capture
    or with stylization of heroes.
    James Cameron uhahaha-HAHA
    Im laughing at his face he is not a producer
    Blue freak cat-humanoids that he stole from Strugatski's book "The world of noon" made with "massive" looks like the same shit
    as Rosa floating on the door, but curtains and nonsense looks very expensive
    films for rewind!!!!
    really sometimes I think soon will be the cinema that will sold as sausage by meters
    How many meters of film would u like to pay for?
    because between meters there is no any difference

  7. ok so the closest thing to animating that i have done is play with flash. so you say that you could create movements that realistic.

    amusing you can, if you were hired as a key-framer you could "frame" exactly what a director told you.

    i think that all this stuff was useless and expensive but in the end these big-shot are hired to control what happens with little or no input from anyone else. so they need to be able to control how ppl act. it is easyer to tell an actor how to move and even if they do it wrong they can redo it that it is to tell an animator.

    so in the end if they have the money they should spend it because it gives director more control and therefor lets him do his job better.

    in an ideal world director would have talent(at least acting or animating talent.)

  8. Fuck yes! In the future WE will make the films.


    This just proves what I told people.

    Avatar is just Pocahontas in space, starring the blue man group!

    HAhA I'm showing that to some ppl

    While Motion capture does look neat, Without a good story it's all nicely rapped trash! And I for one don't feel like un rapping, and eating the trash thank you very much.

    They just call this the future of animation because they're are losing their footing in all other types of film making..The indie are catching up. So they need something to still make them look like they are still standing on top of that tower...that old crumbling tower..

    Isn't it funny though? James Cameron is known for Titanic which is just a dramatization of something that really happened (Aka something he didn't think much up of)

    and then he redo's pocahontas...(Aka something he didn't think much up of)

    So you really can sell trash! lol

  10. Drainage64

    hey Pocahontas was a pretty good movie lol :P

  11. @everest

    Ok I see what you...I did there...

    That came out wrong so let me rephrase n all that.
    Avatar is called "trash" to me because it takes something that's already done (Pocahontas) and redoes it in fancy sci fi stuff...
    My wrapped trash visual turned against me :( lol

    I liked the old Disney Pocahontas back in the day, Sorry for the misunderstanding ^_^

  12. I would've cut the romance out of Avatar, just a bit cliche to me.

  13. I just like zombies.

  14. @Andrew who doesn't like zombies? :D

  15. Not to rain on the Avatar-trashing party or anything, but just because these guys are rich and producing films you don't like doesn't mean that they are necessarily wrong about mocap.

    Suppose you jump in your time machine, go back fifteen years, and find an independent animator. Of course, he's working on an animated short, because feature films take too much time, and he's either scribbling away furiously on his hand-drawn animation or he's taking a break from a tedious stop-motion shoot. You ask him what he thinks of computer animation.

    "Well, I saw T2 and Jurassic Park a few years ago, and they looked good. But I'm never going to get into CG; you have to be Spielberg or Cameron or Lucas to afford it."

    You tell him you bring glad tidings from the future, for eventually there will be independent animators making full-length CG features.

    "With what? CG takes piles of custom software. Each special effects house has an army of programmers, and they write custom code for each film."

    You reveal that competition between software vendors drives down the price of complete 3D suites to within reach of regular consumers; some enthusiasts even make it themselves and give it away for free.

    "OK, genius... What about the computers? You'd need millions of dollars of equipment, and a big building to house and cool them all."

    You tell him that, in the future, you will be able to buy a mere graphics card for a few hundred bucks that is more powerful than the most powerful computer in existence (ASCI Red, being built at Sandia Labs) and runs on less power than a toaster.

    At this point, he knows you're insane, so he ignores you and goes back to his work, confident that 2D and stop-motion animation will never die.

    And, to a certain extent, he's right: People still make 2D and stop-motion animation. But CG really was "the future of filmmaking" -- Lucas and Cameron and Spielberg were right on that one. To focus on the cost or what the mainstream is doing with it is to miss the point.

    And maybe mocap is also the future of filmmaking. Sure, it's going to suck at first, compared to keyframing, just like early CG special effects couldn't compete with stop-motion. But mocap will get cheaper, more powerful, and more accessible; eventually, it may not even need a warehouse, markers, expensive cameras, or niche software solutions. And, in the end, it may be an even better match for the independent filmmaker.

  16. Actors and celebrities are now obsolete, they have been for a long time.

    Yet why does the media still want us to worship these guys? BLAH

  17. Mocap is great. But do they HAVE to be celebrities?


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