Do what you fear ( in art ^_^ )

As I'm working on this film in which everything is 3d I often wonder why I didn't get into doing this way sooner?! Why did I do all that ridiculous stuff to get a stopmotion character into a 3d set?! Why would I get scurred and do cutout animation in 3d?! Its so much easier/ and looks so much better in 3d.... its because I was afraid 0_0 Coming from stopmotion where you do thangs with yer fingers like SNAP YO FINGAZ I was acting like a BIA BIA because 3d wasn't that comfortable ^ ^ So I was afraid of it... now after going through teh struggles to get like full 3d powerS like I does now... looking back it wasn't that hard... the key to learning is to not be in a rush and not be afraid... I didn't try to "seriously" learn 3d until I was already making wats so I was in a rush and afraid because of deadlines etc... In between films I had time to experiment and learn and WAS IT WORTH IT!!

So if your having a hard time learning something new... just take a deep breath and work at it patiently and you'll get there AS LONG AS YOU KEEP AT... we all know about learning curves rigH... Well it seems tough until you get over that curve so keep pushing I promise you it won't get all Sisyphus on you ^ ^

AND if your afraid... don't be! Run into that artistic fire HEAD FIRST yeh you'll get a couple OOOW OOOW OOWies but you won't die and you'll be higher up teh mountain than you were before on the way to reach yer dreams aaaaaawwww.... didn't know I could be so heartwarming eh?


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