The fear of being forgotten

Today in the internetS world of 80 jabillion things to see and 100 jabillion people screaming crazy thangs with they faces painted with pudding vying for a persons attention its like kinda hard to be remembered eh? If your some secret international assassin er something its great... but if your a filmmaker/musician creative person its like teh worst nightmare to be forgotten... you want people to tell other people about your stuff and hopefully come back for more... and if they forgot about you it aint gonna happen!

SO how to be remembered?? Hmmm well the way I look at it is kinda like this... art is a conversation... you can choose to talk about the weather like many people do in life and in art ^ ^ Oscar Wilde said "Talk of the weather is the last refuge of the unimaginative" er something like that... So just like many conversations about the weather with people you have forgotten if your art never goes outside the boundaries of "normal, acceptable" material you and your stuff will probably be forgotten... In regard to conversations you've had which ones do you remember? What did the people say? "Did you see x TV show last night?" or "I was abducted by aliens last night" ? As terrifying and it may seem to blurt out strange things in conversation you must take this risk in your art if you dont want to be forgotten... if you aren't brave and just do some normal shit... people WILL listen... but then they'll walk away and forget about you and yer boring normal talk...

So to the conversation of art what are you bringing? What will you do/say that will cause other people to remember/talk about it? I think answering that is one of the keys to surviving as an artist in this new world...

I went to this final cut pro user group thing tonight... I spoke at this event last year... lots of people remembered me ^ ^ and one said "Your presentation is the only one I remember from last year? WHY?! Cause not every geek talking about 3d animation mentions the BONING and SKINNING of models like I do? ^ ^ Yes its risking coming off like a fool BUT you must take these risks in life IF your going to stand out and succeed I believeS.... apply that to ART LIFE and LOVE its all teh sayme mayne.


  1. the mirror gives an image that is felt but not seen. Stare into it deep enough and all loss of self is known. thine's own image is merely a reflection of self thought and self doubt. To become is to believe.

  2. I saw it before (your presentation) and yes I think you gave it a personal touch like your tutorials that I miss so much...
    I remember once to see a presentation at annecy festival by a italian historian so boring I felt asleep and only woke up for John Lasseter which was the opposite. Not everyone is up to the task of speaking in front of an audience.

  3. MdotStrange will be written down as "mega hella awesome" in history. JUST YOU SEE.

  4. I have been feeling the same lately about Gofio, writing reviews on comic books for who? Myself? NO! Even if no one reads it, I am teaching myself to write better, to speak the way I write. Maybe one day, I'll be writing reviews for a comic book website, a real one or even a magazine. Only if we learn, will we live the life we want.

    Keep on pushing M Dot, and your name will go down in the history books as a self intitled one man army of the digital film industry.

    Or at least in the hearts of fans like funnymonny and myself.


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