The fear of FAIL

Today when all FAIL_yers are magnified over 9000 times it makes it a little scary to... TRY... to TRY anything because YOU MIGHT FAIL!?!? Omg!??!  But to do something WIN you usually have to try... actually you need to go all out and do your best... which might cause you to make a few mistakes... mistakes which might be interpreted as FAIL... BUT its not... the only way to truly FAIL at life is too not try at all... but to only stand on the sidelines out of fear as life passes you by... now your going to die... you didn't fail but you didn't live either...oops! Wasn't that the point of "life"? TO Live?! OOOPS!

This quote has always kept me going...

To sing a wrong note is insignificant, but to sing without passion is unforgivable. ~Beethoven


  1. that Beethoven quote made my day.
    I agrees with ya

  2. Intimidating so much excellent stuff around ( if you have a urge to speak nothing can stop you.
    Should'nt say here, but technability expertise it's not the most important thing.

  3. Hey m dot,
    I'm making an animation in Cinema 4D. I was wondering what would you say the best (render friendly for me, I only haz 512MB of RAM DX)way of making a blood splatter is. I'm just trying to do a small quick stab here.
    -R Strange

  4. the meaning to life is to live.
    I just wanted to thank you for all the words,movie, and music that you have created.
    samurai walk alone.
    there are those that will always walk alone for they are whole. unknowing to some the other that they seek is themselves

  5. Keep your focus on completing a film you will be proud to show off and that people will clamor to see it. Everything else is distraction

  6. Here's quote from me: "It is often better to do the right things badly than not at all. Those who disagree are doing the wrong things."


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