I like dis guy ScreamerClauz ^ ^

So this d00d messaged me this week about doin teh voices in HSM and attached a new animated short that he did... he did the voice of this dog that eats a fetus out of a pregnant woman then bites the penis off of a man that says "What are you a fag?!?!" hahaha and it was one of the most disturbing fictional WIN things I have seen in a long time ^ ^ I like evil stuff myself... I'm one of those people that WANTS to live in Silent Hill haha...I liek things that you think teh DEVIL could have possibly been executive producer on haha and this d00d's stuff is like that... Here's a trailer he posted recently..

His stuff is super creative, different and creepy as fawK... which is definitely in the minority when it comes to 3d animation.... so I look forward to seeing more madness from you weirdo's out there! ^_^ Props to ScreamerClauz for keepin it craZY AS FAWK!


  1. That was insane! Nice! Really nice!

  2. its certainly out there, i saw the tainted milk thing this guy did and it freaked me right the f out, it was a bit much for me.

    the liquid memories trailer thing is creepy but cool

  3. Mr .strange - have you seen these before?

    Could be useful picture references.

  4. Dazzle: WOW. Those stereoscopic shots are great, but the pictures on the linked T. Enami page are *amazing*. Beautifully composed, noise-free, in color... Hard to believe they were created in the 1890s. Fantastic reference material, thanks!

  5. Who? else wants to live in Silent Hill I live there:(
    And I find it kind of funny
    I find it kind of sad ^^;

  6. WELCOME to Silent HiLL!O_O

  7. just the same shit I see whenever I close my eyes.


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