Some rant about making animated films + 0_o

- That it should be a good "film", period... animation just happens to be the medium your using... If you look at teh Pixar films... they are good films that happen to be animated... I'm sure theY teamS could do the same thing in live action except it would be a little creepier ^ ^ thats not a bad thing...

- Making a good film on your own is a lot less pressure than making an "animated" film on your own... because when we think "animated" that usually means everything is animated all the time but that doesn't necessarily make something better or worse... I'm of the school of film thought that characters should speak and move only when they have something to say or do... all the superfluous animation in all of the non-Pixar 3d features annoys me so much that I haven't been able to sit through ANY ^ ^ Its like "LOOK AT ME I'M SO ANIMATED BECAUSE I'M ANIMATION KIDS" Oh there's the thing! Its for kids right... or the "whole family"

- I mean "safe" films are nice BUT what about the dangerous stuff? That isn't snuff films or porn... DANGEROUS because of the ideas it contains... dangerous in how it challenges the status quo either in its presentation or its subject matter or both and more!

- When your making a LOOOOOOW budget animated film by yourself you don't need to target the largest demographic or the COUGH lowest common denominator BUT?!?! I M dot Strange am guilty of adding all KINDS of Gainaxing in HSM 0_o  So WHO am I too talk?! ANYWAY I don't think I've seen any Pixar films with tons of fan service ^ ^ So I'm doing my part for YOU haha

- Seeing that we dont have to make everyone happy... i think we should do things that the majors don't/can't.... Gainaxing: CHECK  Unescapable mental terror/horror: CHECK "Mature themes": CHECK... The core of HSM centers around child abuse..real shit not spiffed up for the "movies"...  Now I don't think I could make a like "cheerier" or "happier" film than a major.... but I certainly can make a more REAL one... and as much as most people HATE to think about they real lives and they real selves we all have some dark fucked up stuff in our lives and I believe if it is not addressed in the arts as an outlet or a forum for discussion/thought it can never be addressed....

- The majors sell escapism and fantasy so why dont we sell reality? NOT in the literal sense as I create fantasy worlds... I'm talking issues and feelings here... Do you want to REALLY connect with REAL people? I think THIS is HOW... sure we can talk pop culture fluff, celebrities, TV shows, Sports and have a "conversation" with people about that crap BUT are you really connecting with anyone? I think NOT... its all topical...because thats what makes people comfortable... I mean the Japanese have been doing this for years with they Anime and Manga and thats why more of that stuff speaks to me... because it TAKES RISKS! and it has REAL emotion in it! NOT a fake smile! REAL tears.... Think about people in your life... Who do you remember and who did you forget? What kind of "conversations" did you have? Think about that in relation to your art...

- We should make people uncomfortable! ^ ^ Now someone might say WHY would I want to do that? Then no one will want to watch my film?!?! Wanna BET?!?! NOW again we are not going for the MASSES... we are not cutting off the hard edges because we're afraid of offending someone... we're not dumbing it down out of fear of losing people... Because when I'm watching a film with no hard edges thats dumbed down I GET OFFENDED and I don't watch... when I watch a film I want to FEEL something and not the feelings you get from your senses... because the music is loud and cliched shit is happening all over the screen that you have seen before with appropriately themed music making you comfortable...

-Sorry this rant is getting long... I have a problem with the fact that people think a films story is "good" simply because they understand it... and if they cannot understand a story due either toward they lack of fine senses and lack of emotional/cultural intelligence... they deem a story "bad" BUT this what people do with the rest of the world... they hate things they don't understand... So how much fun is it to make films for them? NO FUN I SAY! If your just in it for the money I'm sure its great and easy BUT if you have something to say/contribute to the world other than "I'm gettin paid yo shit is tite" then a different approach is required...

I need to quote Jimmy Urine of MSI fame here (also a voice actor in HSM ^ ^)

"Should I talk slower like you're a retard?
Should I talk slower like you're retarded?"

- So if the majors are making dumb downed, soft edged, "comfortable" films.... then we should make intelligent, sophisticated, hard edged, challenging films FOR the people who don't fit in the mainstream... there's a lot of people who DON'T FIT in they target demographics and I'm sure YOU are one of them...

- So to end this rant... make films you want to watch...

ALSO: I added a progress bar over there---> I will update it as I complete more of the film.

Back to work for meh- PEAS


  1. i completely agree with you story wise
    i never go to the theatres because of how retarded movies get these days o.0
    my family tried to get me to sit through zombie land not only did i complain about how predictable everything was i also complained about the holly wood zombies
    my family doesn't like watching movies with me...
    so yeah I'll be watching said progress bar it makes me excited to watch a progress bar actually lol if there was a way I'd put it on my desktop and watch it XD

  2. Nice progress bar, dude. I'm trying to learn Unity, but there's not too much free time to learn in. BTW, does Unity need other programs or is it completely self-sufficient?

  3. In the art
    The spoken word must be end with an ellipsis ...
    and people start to think then what to answer
    and they really start to think
    and they trying to find the answer in their hearts

  4. Bravissimo senior Bravissimo. I think i'll post these amazing words of inspiration on my school's film club fanpage.

  5. i would like to do any kind of voice acting for your movie

  6. This is a very thought-provoking subject.

    I think that all the great works of literature have a dark side - there is actually nothing new there. Nabokov's Lolita would be a good example. However, the thing that made Lolita good was not just the gimmick, it was the writing. The writing is of paramount importance. If the writing is short-changed, then one does just wander down the path towards snuff films - the gimmick is then all there is. Just my opinion.

  7. Agreed on your rant.

    PS: I've been ready to animate for a while. Hit me up on AIM. B)

    Oh, and check this out, you might like it.

  8. This post makes me think of Edgar Allen Poe. His stuff might not be the most amazing thing ever but when he made it back in the day it was crazy status quo killin stuff and it set the template for what was "allowed" in future writing.
    Just saying M, If your films become great (as If Wats isn't already) then don't be surprised when you see things that resemble your work. You'll be setting the template of what's acceptable in future story telling. The better you do, the more copy cats there will be, and the more copy cats there are, the more themes that are now taboo will become normal.

    Then what will be original?
    You must keep the heart in your films. Others We are the strange's may show up one day but without heart they are doomed to mediocrity.

    But who knows..I may just have some loose bolts in my head. or maybe it won't even happen in our lifetime! I am technically just a comment of text, representative of a identity. So who am I to talk?!

  9. Aw dude, This really made me wanna do two 3D human-ish heads that I have been hiding in the back of my skull for years now. If I do in fact make them, i'll send you the video.


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