Teh original legendary one man army animator: Bill Plympton

Ya know before us 3d d00ds started messing with making one man 3d animated features Bill Plympton had already done like 6 hand drawn features on his own... He is HARDCORE... I've been a fan of his stuff ever since I went to my first Spike and Mike's Sick and Twisted festival of animation... He's an inspiration.... from 6am to 8pm he's animating every day ^ ^ Check out this great 2 part interview with him.


  1. Yeah, he's got some epic pwn skillz power level: over 9000!!!!

  2. The dude doesn't have pants. He wears shorts. I SEE THE CONNECTION.

  3. Yea...is brilliant!
    met him once at Seoul Festival a long time ago and have one of is books autograph. His persistence is amazing.
    You could watch him animating at his site, impressive

  4. Thanks for posting that youtube link, what a fantastic interview! Just thinking about uniquely creative people like Plympton (and you) puts me in a good mood.


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