When will HUMAN creativity catch up with technology?

So as you may not know... before I lost all my friends and go into animation I used to make live action films... WEIRD ONES ^ ^

Well I remember back then everyone, including me had this video complex... because if you didn't have the money (like $50,000) to shoot on film you shot on video and for the most part it looked "cheap"

Fast forward to today and with Canon's launch of this new $800 DSLR that shoots BEAUTIFUL "filmic" images IF you know what yer doing and have some tite lenses... there is no more video complex... Pair that with a Zoom H2 and you can do sync sounds in surround ^ ^
I own the Zoom and its great... so yeh for less than $1000 you got awesome looking images and surround sound... well actually we've had some pretty awesome cheap tech for a few years now... BUT WHO IS USING IT TO ITS FULLEST POTENTIAL?! From my perspective the technology has moved light years ahead of human creativity when it comes to art, film, animation etc... MACHINES are getting more creative with they algorithmic animation skills and tha like... but humans are lagging eh? When I search the interwebs for new original, creative stuff pushing the tech I just find a lot of tech demo's where people are complaining about said technology... Some new thing comes out and the humans say "yeh thats ok but its not good enough for me to do X" and I must sayeth NO NO HUMAN! YOU ARE WRONG! YOU are not good enough for the tech!!!

So now I finally reveal my true electronic FACE as I r really an android device YEP me and teh Nexus One go way back yo... I knew him when he was Nexus doT Zero four...

But anyWAR... Think NOT about what yer tech can do for you BUT what you can do for YER TECH!

Cause like ME+  Cinema 4d + Zbrush + some quad core boxes are making some pretty creative innovative ill SHET right here mayne!!! ^ ^

So if you have some crazy idea today the TECH WILL NOT BE IN YOUR WAY... the only thing that stands between you and your dreams is the POWER of your WILL... So stand up and show the world what you GOT!!! What else is there to do in this place eh? Watch TV? Click endlessly on Facebook? Doing let the tech pwn you and make adsense dollars and cents by eating yer precious time! Grab the tech by the throat and make it yer betch today!!! Lest you forever be ITS slave.


  1. i once met a rabbit that led me to a gnome.
    they gave me all the carrots and told me this was home.
    so lost and founddd I'd never be, jumped out the hole to seek the oak tree.
    searched up high
    searched down low
    the life of wisdom no one is to know.

  2. Very true, m dot. I'll get started on that video game I've been pondering for a few years now...

  3. Reading that just motivated me to go start script writing on meh movie ^^ (now if onleh I wernt in teh middle of learning haow to rig...lol)

  4. Ya dude back when I had that craptop of a computer I still made videos and I learned to use that computer to it's max (Which wasn't much but I did anywho)
    You can learn a lot just by working with limitations. Now I have better tech so there's more room to learn how to use this tech to achieve my wants.

    @R.Gn ... I still don't understand what your talking about but it sounds neat anyway :/


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