Where am I? Here I am? Where am I going?

Those are the questions you must always ask yourself when in production... I'm constantly recalculating my quota's so I know exactly where I am in production... like I know this month I only have to do 4.8 shots/day to do this months work... It takes a little time but it removes the panic/insane sense of fear and urgency you get if you don't really know where you are with deadlines looming... I updated the above image with the vertical purple lines which have the # of shots in that sequence so at a glance I can see where most of the shots congregate and also with the colors where the difficult sequences are... Hmmm I wonder why I'm planning to finish before October? ^ ^

Anyway I spent most of the night doing R&D trying to do poor mans volumetric ground fog for this shot... There's no FumeFx plug for c4d... I think 3 diff liquid plugs came out recently but they are either mega expensive or they have horrible UI's so I came up with my own using the Mograph module... I'll do a video tutorial for this in the future...but yeh you can only stall for so long trying to come up with a new way to do something as most of this should be done in the pre-production or the construction phase I like to say... cause the quota is looming...

Speaking of tutorials! I would be putting out more c4d tut's but Camtasia causes BSOD's on my workstation and I can't have that so I uninstalled it... when I'm done with production I'll make a TON.... I want to make THE definitive HOW to make an animated feature film with C4d series now that I'm pretty good at everything in 3d... I want to share it with you because its not that difficult ^ ^

THE HARD PART is staying on top of the work... not getting lost... project management is HUGE as is  motivation... how to stay on task and motivated? Sound like a problem for anyone?

I'm still thinking about what the best way is to share all this info with the world... is it a book? If so? In print or e_pub? A video tutorial series? Some kind of interactive lesson thang that runs on touch screen devices? I dont know... let me know what you think... It's 730am I better go to sleep... quota will call tomorrow ^ ^


  1. Well I for one will be looking forward to those tutorials :)
    I've already got a really nice start with what you already put on youtube. It's helped me a ton

  2. I think you should make some tutorials for the sake of showin' people that you're still alive. But try not gettin' distracted,i want that movie in my pants so you have to finish it sooner. And show some in-film footage,like a few screens or somethin'. Meow

  3. Myself i learn a great deal from videos cause then i see where your mouse is going what you're doing and i don't quite get lost as much BUT i can;t stand any other tutorial vid except for yours because your all like "AWIGHT lets do this... first you extrude this then you move that select those polygons... bevel.... yeah i don;t even know what im doing if it works im just like YEAH!" and all the "Experts" are like monotone robots [no emotion]"all right first you select the joint to hold down control click drag and there is your first bone"[/no emotions]

    A book would be great too if you include PICTURES the one thing missing from a lot of tutorials...

    thats just my preferences

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  5. Self motivation is so important when you are working your ass off late at night and it seems like your project will never get done. I love your work, but the fact that you put yourself out there bare and naked every day in your work and blogs is equally inspiring.

    Please! C4D tuts would be fabulous. Too many of the available tuts are so dry and academic. Your tuts geared toward production/practicality would be perfect.

  6. Many filmmakers offer up their expertise for a price, a la Werner Herzog and his Rogue Film School. You could offer a two-day session where qualified 3D artists/filmmakers make a 3D film using your techniques and software -- and then each film is critiqued in front of the class. Many would pay for that opportunity to learn from the master.


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