Damage Over Time: A look into my workflow/workload in HSM +

So I got done with animation a little early today..... oh wait now its LATE but whatever I thought I would make dis fancy chart to show you the work I've done and what is ahead for me AND so I can reassure myself that I can handle the work to come ^ ^ Click the image for the full size version...

So as you can see its pretty evenly spaced out... the shots were down in Dec/Jan because I was on Xmas break from Dec 19th - Jan 11th so I ramped it up in Feb to make up for it AND made myself sick in the process haha... I try to keep the monthly quota around 4-5 shots a day... I've done as many as 20 a day but thats TOUGH... when there is swordfighting and multiple character action even 5 a day is difficult... I think the longest I've spent on a single shot is around 6 hours... I usually take a little over an hour is things are going smoothly but sometimes little mistakes and glitches can make them drag on for hours....

AND another note on survival...so just out of curiosity I turned on the adsense for this blog like 2 weeks ago and I checked last night and it made like $10 in ten days and I only get like less than 5000 visits a month?! BUT I was happy to see that... So I think if you actually tried to like drive traffic to your film/art blog whatever and you were offering something unique and really helpful you could probably make a couple hundred bucks a month from it... I'm sure tons of people scam it and make thousands .....

BUT I'm not about scamming to make money I just wanna make films ya know BUT I figure if its easy enough for me to implement and it doesn't bother you too much I should turn all the ad crap on... if it gets annoying and affects your experience here let me know and I'll change things... BUT as you may or may not know I M kinda like viewer/reader supported... I get a few bucks from the ads on my youtube videos and now I get something from the stuff on this blog... of course they pay you a lot more if people actually click on them but just having them does somethin too.... I think its AWESOME that yALL kick in donations and I'M MEGA APPRECIATIVE so I'm workin hard ^ ^ AND thanks to Eric for his recent donation! BUT know that by just visiting my blog your helping me in way ^ ^ So thanks yall!

ALSO now I know why there's all these blogs where people just "review" stuff... So you can turn on this amazon thing too where if you write about ANY product they sell you can post a link to its page on amazon and if somebody clicks the link on your page and buys it you get paid er something?  Check it out I can put my own DVD on here haha

So yeh add that stuff to Flattr and the future for an e-starving artist could get better in the future ^ ^

And thanks to the d00d who told me about Bandcamp I'm going to upload my stuff there soon.


  1. Dude the ads are gonna help so keep em up I don't mind :)

  2. i'll click them every time i see them for you XD
    yeah i don't mind ads as long as there not ads don't take over your page

    and thanks for posting about the gundam unicorn
    fuckin love gundams ^_^

  3. haha yall are awesome... I checked my ad thing and I made $16 yesterday alone from you maniacs clicking the ads ^ ^ So thanks for helping out! I never knew this adsense thing worked so well 0_0

  4. Whoa that actually worked?! Glad I could help :D

    I wonder how much of that was me...0_o

  5. Ad Blocker == Off. ha! all the ads right now link to sites on how to milk ad-$ense.

    You should check out: http://hukilau.us/

    They're basically trying to streamline what you already do with internet monies crowd sourcing for film-makers.

  6. Bandcamp is great! ^_^ I have a bunch of rare (ha) and unreleased noise up all for free ^__^ - http://cementimental.bandcamp.com/

  7. How many frames a day do you average? That's how I count... when I'm being lazy I usually manage 4 sec / 96 frames per day, but that's counting on average from day zero which means storyboarding and concept art and model boning ;) are all included in that average.

    When I'm not being lazy (like during my recent hyper hyper speed hardcore over9000 super top secret project) and I had an actual deadline, I managed 6100 frames in the last 16 days (15 sec per day) again including development time...


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