Filmmaker <----> Artist

I'm going to make some generalizations in this post cause life is too short sometimes....

"Filmmakers" as a whole I've found are boring people... I wouldn't call them passionate... I wouldn't call them driven... I wouldn't call them crazy... I wouldn't call them unique and I just wouldn't call them... cause me and them boring muthafuckers just don't get alonG mayne  ^ ^

What I would call them is opportunistic...

The "artists" I know hmmm... I would call some of them exciting, passionate, driven, crazy and unique...

When I talk to a filmmaker for 5 minutes he/she gives me they like tagline pitch... "I'm working on developing this short film to shoot on the "BLANK" camera its sort of "BLANK" meets "BLANK" I'm getting "BLANKS" brother from "BLANK" Tv show to star in it and we think "BLANK" might be interested in optioning it as a feature"... WHAT TEH FUCK?! GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE?! I'm not interested in some formulaic mediocre mundane bullshit! SHOW ME SOME HEART and some PASSION you cardboard FUCK!

Now the artists I know... when they are explaining what they do or want to do... it is very much about feeling... expressing themselves and connecting with others... emotion...passion...REAL LIVING LIFE...CHAOS...Unpredictability....

Now I myself consider "film" an artform BUT since until very recently it was too expensive or cumbersome to be within the reach of artists to use as a means of expression... So who used film and turned it into the redundant lifeless re-imagined with the same old emotional cues and ploys with all new 3d shiny wrapper? Who did that? Who was using film when the artists could not? The same boring gutless opportunistic FUX who wallow in they re-imagined remade pre-sold lamefests that pack the cinema's today ^ ^

Now where are the artists? Where are you to take back this artform? TO show those bastards it's true potential!? The stuff is cheap enough and easy enough to use so that even the artsyEST bastard could learn in they etherial spare time ^ ^

Why aren't you making your film? WHY?! BEcause those elitist opportunistic FUX convinced you that your not good enough? THat your not professional? Because you don't have enough money to hire WETA to do your fx? BEcause you don't have plastic STARfaces in your movie? Because you didn't get a directing degree from AFI? BEcause you didn't study animation at CalArts? Why aren't you artist?! Where is your passion?! Where is your drive?! WHY ARE YOU LIVING?! WHY?!

What are you waiting for? How many more examples do you need to see before you tell yourself...Ok I guess I can risk it now... DONT BE A FUCKING WIMP! RIsk it today JUMP IN AND DON'T LOOK BACK! Everything you can possibly desire awaits you... you just have to do it! You just have to be who you know you are AND LIVE IT.... Don't think it... Don't wait for approval... LIVE IT!

So yeh.... I want to see films made by artists not these lukewarm pasty "filmmaker" FUX

When they ask me what my tagline is I say " YOU WILL DIE.... inside" ^ ^ SHET you'd think they never met a passionate person before 0_o   Be passionate! SCARE THOSE MUTHAFUCKERS OUT THEY SHOES! ^_^



  1. Great post. agree with you 1million percent.

  2. I want to say first, I love the motivational speeches, and that you are so dedicated. You are inspiring.

    Now, the thing you haven't addressed. I feel like we were taught if we try hard, we are guaranteed rewards, but, this is not (usually) true.

    So I ask you Mr M-dot, What about putting all your passion and time and effort and creativity into something, and the result being a fail?

    I'm not saying we shouldn't experiment, but, what if the results are not good, or interesting?

  3. for Frédéric and such as he is, I know he see this:
    I am not offended,I dont have ability to take offense, I M the Creature, for u I M DEMON.
    I dont care money, I dont care u-little Frederic, I dont care which way u'd like to find for your little needs,
    not you tell me, I teLL U
    I'm talking to you until you look alive
    Im not alone, we are many,
    I serve at the altar of the Pure Idea
    and burn everything that is not as pure as it,
    I say U, you'll be BURNT,
    We'll come to you in ur nightmares and eat you from the inside

    M. said "you'll die inside" and this is a great mystery!
    a secret of life in M.'s blog...U dont know this u have time, while u'll have is short.

  4. My Passion is up +31239432 EXP with this post.

  5. Ok 16 bit, you seem to be the most bizarre poster I've ever read posts of and you can totally take that as a compliment :)

    Have you by any chance made anything yourself? Or do you just make posts? :)

  6. Also I just thought about as I re-read this post...Film Makers can't all be boring cause your a film maker!(MDOT)

    As in one who makes films.
    Films being the foreignese word for moving pictures :

    Ofcourse I did realize you were using that as a generalization so I see what your saying ^_^

  7. @ The User

    Well its all about what a person considers a "fail"... ever hear David Lynch talk about "dying twice"? If you made the film that you are passionate about and that you love there is no way you can fail as long as you complete it... I'm assuming you mean failure in a critical or financial way?

    Well from what I see being like NOT rich... everyone I know pretty much fails financially anyway these days ^ ^ be they filmmakers or not...

    NOW if you try hard at SOMETHING YOU LOVE you can NEVER fail... thats what I think at least... IF you try hard at something you don't believe in you will fail most of the time...

    @Drainage - I consider myself an artist who makes films yo ^ ^

    @16 bit killa - Keep on keepin it hella realistic meh friend ^_^

  8. i know the feeling M Dot Strange
    everyone around me trys to argue and b0ast about "Alice in wunder land" i say fux to them because something can't be "Epicly Awesome" without originality...
    and then only reason i'm not working on my film is because i'm busy working on story line
    and i'm waiting to finish high school and just experimenting with C4D to see what i like best
    soon as im done with high school i'm jumping right in ^_^
    (if im done story boarding...)

  9. There is no such thing as failure if you are creating art for the act of creation instead of the final product itself. The final product is irrelevant, it simply acts as a guiding force that helps you focus your creative flow. Finishing a film (or a song or a painting or a sculpture etc..) should leave you feeling empty because you are no longer flowing with the act of creative intent. You will die inside... Mdot you will die inside the minute you finish HSM.

    Now if you define failure in terms of money or fame, well lots of films fail. Avatar failed at the oscars (and Cameron's ex stuck it to him too) Of course 'winning' an oscar doesn't mean you 'win' You don't win the oscars in an epic power level up over9000 percent way. Money? you just need enough money to be able to live at whatever level of squalour you are willing to put up with while having the ability to work on your own films.

  10. As much as I understand your definition of "filmmaker", I think "hacks" would be a better word. There are good, original filmmakers out there.

  11. Alice in Wonderland was actually kinda decent in my opinion. Just not great or stuff. :|


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