Get LOST when you CAN

I just finished doing four 15-18 hour animation work days in a row... why would I do that? Procrastination beckons to me as it does with anyone else so when I'm tired and faced with a ton of really complex shots I'd rather just sit down and GRIND and GRIND until they are finished without taking a breath because as soon as you stop to take a breath procrastination grabs you... if I let that happen these last few days of work could have turned into 2 weeks easy... its in those times you need to just focus on the task and lose yourself... stay on it and keep fighting no matter what happens... work through it... before you know it the challenge will be over and you'll tell yourself "oh that wasn't so bad"

So tenacity is important to work this way... when faced with a challenge I HAVE TO overcome it.. I won't backdown until I have conquered it... some times I'll let it think it beat me and like get in bed... and pretend to sleep... then I'll get back on the computer and pwn it! ^ ^ OR I don't sleep trying to fix it....

I'll have to like go outside and talk to someone tomorrow haha


  1. when I'm making those shifts I'm taking an hour out everyday to eat lunch and go for a walk in the park
    errr.... go for a dog sled from my igloo cause I'm from Canadian flag rofl

  2. 15-18 hours? Wow so that would be something like 4 in the morning till 9 at night or whatever. That's some epic dedication right thar ^_^

  3. Of course since your job is working on the film I can see how you would have time to do that

  4. M. who's face is that?^^
    Is it yours?^ ^
    I think situation is critical^^
    U really need to talk to someone^^

  5. maybe this is a little off topic but

    i've been readin' that fans freinds followers book that ur amazon thing had. man, that has a bunch of cool n' encouraging internet stuff. it really makes me think we're a golden age o media.

    now enjoy some sunshine for however long u need to

  6. Man, you made smart move teaching yourself. I took a short two day class on this stuff.

    DAAAMN the teacher was very very mean.

    I bet you can teach stuff too now!

  7. Your hardcore man!!
    Thinking about about making a feature film, you have to be. In this day an age it getting more an more easier to get distracted. But like you said,when you've put in your time, it's not so bad.


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