Gundam Unicorn: Pure WIN mech anime

So I've been watching most all Gundam and Macross stuff for a long time as I do have a thing for mech's ^ ^ I also play the Armored Core series when I can cause like yeh....

BUT ANYWAY this new series just came out called "Gundam: Unicorn" I just watched the first episodes and it is AWESOME it might be the best one yet! They took all the best thangs from the Gundam and MAcross universe and put them in this one with great animation, a compelling story, HIGH drama that brought a tear to meh eye, insane mech tech and crazy battles with beam sabres, laser probes and all kinds of dope shet! So if your looking for something good to watch check it out!

I remember the first time I went to Japan I was standing in the middle of the street in Akihabara and G-Gundam was playing on a huge screen on some building... and I looked around and me and all these other geek dudes of all ages were marveling at the supreme power that is SHININGU FINGAHHHH!!! So yeh Japan has been doing mech stuff for what 50 years now er somethin? And you can tell cause this new series is amazing.


  1. i want too see a gundam series with this gundam!


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