Have I gone too far? Probably ^ ^ BOHACHI MADE ME DO IT!

So I'm finishing up the sequence that has the second like "boss fight" in the film if I were to equate the foes my main character meets during the film to teh games...and yeh this guy is FUCKED UP ^ ^ I mean we've probably all seen some awesome twisted 3d stuff with the bosses in the Silent Hill games, and those dead space d00ds.... BUT they usually stay away from graphic sexual stuff... NOW I restate there is NO PORN in HSM but WHAT would happen if you took some of those 3d silent monsters and threw in a little influence from legend of the overfiend? WELL your PAL M dot has taken up teh challenge 0_o


I must remember the first anime film I ever saw and loved was NINJA SCROLL which isn't actually wholesome family entertainment ^ ^ In my research for HSM as I wrote a little before I watched a ton of old Samurai films... there were a few that were really WEIRD and artistic and I'm not talkin HANZO the RAZOR weird... I'm talking like perverted Samurai art films.... The one that sticks out in my mind is Bohachi: Clan of the forgotten 8.... i saw two or three different versions of this film but the one that was really tite was this one starring Tetsuro Tanba

It was like they told the director he could do anything he wanted as long as there was swordplay, gore and boobs ^ ^ The end of this film is EPIC AND AWESOME and it was WAY ahead of its time... I still don't see things today as creative and WIN... the staging, the lighting, the d00d slicing his own body open to wear off the effects of drugs that are making him have crazy fuXed up hallucinations while fighting like 50 guys in the snow!!!! YEH BOI!!!

So yeh I have my idea of like what you want from me in a film... so as long as I include that stuff I can do whatever the FUX I want.... and I AM 0_0

I mean its nots stuff you havent seen in TONS of anime but its just like WAY more disturbing in 3d


  1. there is NO PORN in HSM as Tony Mines gave link on PORN^ ^or there is no PORN as PORN ^ ^
    Oh sorry its too much porn ^ ^
    I want DOUBLE FLAMING WHIPS or DOUBLE FIRE SWORDS, and not as usual swords but like tech weapons, I want to see there BURN everything that can BURN ^ ^

  2. the Most disturbing in Silent Hill-its bionic and bionics-mechanical FoRms,
    and I want to see something that does not obey the law terrestrial bionic systems, bionics-mechanical and bionics-technical , bionic-tech-mechS, radioactive or viral mutations, bionics-tech double flaming iso-quadruple hands-whips^^
    But in Silent Hill subconscious can born everything that not obey the Earth rules
    there re no limits there............
    I want to see the first time on planet- fighting really without rules, fighting on SURVIVAL for non-existent earthly laws
    with new antigravitation mechanics, dinamics,..etc. and if u want mutations,
    hurry up^ ^ Cameron decided to make movie about Hiroshima^ ^
    M. you mean what impresses in 3D like 'visual' or in emotional plan?^ ^

  3. Oh now I see what things u mean Ok ^_^
    then I can tell u what was the most disturbing I ever seen in anime..
    ...Code of Busido its always rules..Sakura blossoms falling on it drops of blood and guts of best friend flying against the blue sky, and the weather is nice...^^ and For me the most disturbing was in 2D anime..
    where people kill forest of spirits full of alive creatures and made guns and felled trees....
    was Akoto the spirit of wild boar BLINDED OF FURY, before a god- now a demon ..was running..to kill people, screaming: "For me my army!" and people in skins of boars disguised as his dead army that they killed before, where running after him like his boars-soldiers to kill him...I see there fatale and truth.... I like it!
    there is something great in this scene....

  4. Happy I found yoru blog! This movIe looks crazy!

    Was checkin this site right when my littel bro was leaving the room. close one! =]

    When is the movie going to be out?!

  5. I only now understood that Akoto like that samurai that u've wrote here about o_O
    but its animO and u said not to write about animO ^ ^ and what could I do^ ^ if its great
    really when he was screaming follow me my warriors, and there where no any warriors there
    cuz they were dead, and his god's spirit became a demon's burning himself and everything in the battle for forest vs. metal city of humans...
    he didnt see anything of his fury cuz he got mad fighting for the forest,nature, god's and little woods spirits and animals, for life....he is burning and he burnt everything that touches him..and he cant stop... untill he met Night Wanderer.. then fell...

  6. lol awesome update! so excited for HSM. ^_^

  7. Haha that was a lame joke but whatever... But seriously could you have labeled it nsfw? lol

  8. Dude I know it's un related a bit but have you seen Youtube's current april fools joke? They added a viewing mode called "TextP"
    So instead of watching a video in 360p or 1080p, your watching it in text! I watched the Wats trailer in text form...crazy!

    Just thought I'd point that out incase anyone didn't notice XD

  9. To throw around final boss 50 noodish mutant-nurses??O_O
    Then I want to see in a tea room in the shadows of silence hanging ladies in torn white kimono tied as a straitjacket in a nuthouse with gore blood in black long hairs hanging from the ceiling to floor and walls covered in blood 'tea', moaning and breathing, creeping in darkness on the walls with organic hooks in bodies and a burnt sticky skin stuck to the ceiling^ ^
    but the weather still nice and the sun is shining bright!
    Such porn I like^ ^

  10. Hope you're going to have the all-important SPRING REVERB as featured in that trailer ^_^

  11. Bought the dvd.
    Thank for the recommendation.
    Bohachi was a damn fine movie.


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