I'm down with Google... free fruit if you eat the seeds

As I was eating a kiwi this morning.... the fruit! not the people 0_o I thought a bit about how nature works and as my mind was already swirling with thoughts about the Google ad supported future...

Let's say tree's were like businesses ^ ^ Tree's give fruit away for "free" to animals... they want the animals to eat as much as they like because after enjoying that fruit they know the animal has to p00 out the seeds thereby leading to more tree's...  So the animals get what they want and the tree's have some HOPE for the future...

Now when you give away most of the stuff you make like me... I'm like that tree except I REALLY hope you don't p00 my music or something 0_o  I'll give it away in good faith and hope that you tell someone else about or somethin... ya know plant those seeds ^ ^ Or at least leave them around so they have a chance to grow...

So when people talk off this whole like "free culture" thing being new so they can sell books from they buzzword theY be actually incorrect...nature has already been doing it forever ^ ^

So yeh I'm SO DOWN with GOOGLE... I know most of the things they do is to just create more ad revenue but as a side effect it allows artists like me to survive... so more surviving artists is a good thing for the world my biased POV done observE... I want ALL the old media to BURN to the ground because they are all backwards and have just HELD US BACK with they greed and controlling ways and not to mention most all of what makes up they "media" is complete rubbish with only one goal...and thats not to make your life better or to do things for the good of humanity or the world.... they only care about one thing "the bottom line" $$$$$$ and look what a wonderful world they have helped create 0_0

So here's to Google undermining all they business models ^ ^



  1. if i ever took a dump and your music came out ther'll be bricks comming along shortly after....

  2. I have yet to consume your music in that manner but I may see what I can do.

    How do you think the stomach's acids react to the materials found in a standard usb drive?

    Great post!

  3. @Drainage64 like everything else i think it might break it down....
    except for mucus... dosent do so well with that

  4. People sorry attempt number two,
    without my f'ckin philosophy:
    "FREE-TO-PLAY", on the ex. on
    MMORPGs ,the one as "WOW" its a Monopoly and they have the biggest pie. Dont watch at them! we havent got such money for the beginning so..
    U cant controll the traffic, so lead it!
    pay per hour, advertising inside the system and expensive upgrade brings money but less
    Than new businesss model that build on micro transactions,
    Not build on amount of fee but the amount of users
    Trees are standing seeds are spreading
    Its a right way M. ^ ^ for alls to grow a big garden

  5. hey m dot i've always wondered this
    but when people comment on your blog what do you think them to be?
    like do you think of them as freinds? or do you think of them as followers? or random people that comment?
    i always try to think of them as friends ^_^
    unless they saying negative stuff then i think them as stupid lol

  6. I was talking only Only about model
    free-to-play, and how is great working, not about anything else..
    about models "money=power" and "money=free content"

  7. @16 bit ..... i was just asking him what he considered us to be... lol i wanted to know if he considers us like Internet Friends or just his fans that he talks to every now and then lol

  8. Yeah I would consider yall I have a dialogue with here friends ^ ^ I communicate with you more and have more in common with yall than I do with people in real life... I know some people who might like my stuff are like scared of me or don't want to be friends...thats fine too ^ ^ Its just nice that theres people who like the stuff make perioD...and if you can make friends tite!

  9. @HAHA Reyori I just like ur comments always so I was surprised that u wrote such thing after my comment LOL
    @ M. dot u surprised me too
    Scared of u?O_O Hahaha And what are they nervous about?
    I think they are too nervous as me they mustnt drink some much coffee^^

  10. Dumpin' seeds was the second thing I did with your tracks after I finished shitting bricks =D

    When I first got into your gear I made sure it was everywhere - booming from my house, in my car, on other peoples CD players, I spun copies and dropped them in everything I could with your name all over 'em.

    Some people were all like WTF IS THIS SHET, but the ones who were open to it got right into the sound and did the same thing I did.

    I'm helping get a local Roller Derby league going and I'm sure as hell going to get the kids exposed to your stuff when I get control of the MC deck. \m/

  11. really cool and cheap..
    now I'll printout giant poster and hang out of my window:
    M. dot Strange HE IS STRANGE
    CodeX of Mad samuraiS
    Hot String Marionnet's katana Fighting!
    coming soon
    WAtch on DVD
    and in the cinema of ur town!^^
    if everybody ll make so near to October^ ^ it'll be good global billboards all over the world

  12. because of the interweb and google i found out about so much stuff and i get extremely inspired by so many things, by you as well, as an artist, I think we could both be in the same period of history writing right now, im so exited. all humans can be artist, unfortunately they just got brainwashed by all the money stuff.. people are afraid of change..unfortunately. but youre not! and me neither! We're about to write history right now!!! and i hope i will be able to meet you one day. would be totally 4w3s0M38r% 8D


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