KEN (1964) Mishima+Misumi+Raizo = Magick

While researching my new film I tried to watch every "Samurai" film I could find... I mainly found myself attracted to ones from 1960-1970... and usually by a handful of directors Kobayashi, Okamoto, Gosha and Misumi... Also through all those films I have a few favorite actors Tatsuya Nakadai, Raizo Ichikawa and Isao Natsuyagi... Also on my research path I came upon the work and life of novelist Yukio Mishima who is a very interesting man....

So a few of those people came together on this film KEN... it stars Raizo Ichikawa whom I came to love through the "Nemuri Kyoshiro" series which if you haven't seen it yet go hunting on ebay as that is where I found it... Its directed by Kenji Misumi who directed 3 of the better Nemuri fillms as well as the excellent "Destinys Son" "Sword Devil" and "The last Samurai" The film was based on a short story written by Yukio Mishima...which when you know how Mishima lived his life and choose to end it... it makes the film even more powerful...

The lifestyle of the main character in the film may seem even more alien today then how he was perceived in the film... BUT I strongly related to the character... he wanted simplicity... he didn't get caught up in all the trivial bullshit that everyone else did... he dedicated all his life and energy to one thing... to win this kendo championship.... HE WAS HARDCORE ^ ^ NOW I know "its just a film" BUT if you know about the writer Mishima... you know that it was more than "just a story" to him.... People at the that time were dumbstruck by Mishima's final act... Why was someone taking things so seriously?!? Why would someone go to such an extreme?!?! I believe that if no one does... mediocrity will ensnare all facets of human life turning a race with great potential into a mediocre squirming mass seeking only to satisfy base desires and only existing to generate monetary income... while being distracted by and caught up in frivolousness till the end of they time... which in the end leads to the worst possible outcome... DISGUSTING MEDIOCRITY.....

Here's some quotes by a great extreme outcast Mr. Beethoven
“Then let us all do what is right, strive with all our might toward the unattainable, develop as fully as we can the gifts God has given us, and never stop learning”

“No friend have I. I must live by myself alone; but I know well that God is nearer to me than others in my art, so I will walk fearlessly with Him.”

“My misfortune is doubly painful to me because it will result in my being misunderstood. For me there can be no recreation in the company of others, no intelligent conversation, no exchange of information with peers; only the most pressing needs can make me venture into society. I am obliged to live like an outcast.”
So if you find yourself extremely dedicated to something most people around you don't understand or value because it doesn't fit into their way of life... If you find yourself struggling alone to maintain some standard that others think is "extreme".... If you find yourself alone on your path and THE PATH is the only thing that makes you feel like living... DON'T FRET! Many great people have been on that path before you.... but be warned only the strong survive and the universe will only bear fruits to you after you have exhausted yourself and put EVERYTHING into it AND THEN SOME... Its SCARY, exciting, PAINFUL... the highest highs! The lowest lows! BUT THATS REAL LIFE MY FRIENDS! With your passion burning as your torch helping you navigate through the darkness... you will get there... you will get there! Just don't waver and NEVER LOOK BACK!

Oh yeh this was supposed to be just a movie review er somethin 0_o Sorry... the film meant a lot of things to meh....back to werk---->


  1. Nice d00d! I've been thinking of doing something like that in my future of making art. Like I'm gonna watch all these kind of movies that I feel can influence me on some certain project. It doesn't even have to be in the same "genre" or possibly even "theme". I don't know how to explain it, but like there's something about that project that I would take elements from, or atmosphere, ideas, abstractions, whatever, and use them in my stuff.

    You've been nothing but (awe) inspiring MdotS!! Keep rockin!..

  2. “My misfortune is doubly painful to me because it will result in my being misunderstood. For me there can be no recreation in the company of others, no intelligent conversation, no exchange of information with peers; only the most pressing needs can make me venture into society. I am obliged to live like an outcast.”
    -Hahahaha...That is so self-applicable right now. :/

    Now you've got me interested in looking up some samurai films..You wouldn't have any recommendations for a first samurai film, would you?

  3. I relate to this man, I was in church this week, and the pastor dude said that in order to do anything of great value in the world, you need to obsess over it. it needs to be what describes you. your goal needs to be at the core of your being, it needs to be everything your'e about. maybe there's some error in what i'm saying, but to my knowledge that makes sense.

  4. @Skull, Wow that came from a preacher?! Sounds like that preacher can really...preach it! haha...bad pun..:/

    But ya I've been looking at all the great artists/inventors/etc that I know of in my life and they all seemed to obsess over what they ended up being not good but great at! So it's kinda interesting hearing that something I thought might be is being said by other people!

  5. Whoa 4 deletes in a row...What's up with that?! lol

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    so I shut my fuckin' mouth..whileSS its not late ^ ^

  8. wow, thats alot of deleted comments lol!

  9. I liked this post a lot, Sir.

  10. @skull
    alot of?o_O
    I can do even more!
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    I tired of english
    Im learning to write in Japanese style.. top-down

  11. THANKS YOU ARE MY HERO =D now im definitely gona make it!

  12. CREMATION? o_O its a good idea
    KhanAibertk I still remember u
    I will CREMATE U and I'll be back

  13. yall are funny! Cremation threats!??! 0_0

    We're all pals here BUT we're all proBably a little crazy too ^_^ So like strange things happen.

    @TOny that was a GREAT use of 3d animation thanks! ^ ^

    And yall should check out that film!

  14. M. haha why r u worry?
    Im joking^__^ just I see "friend" Surrealist cant forget me..
    and I saw that film ^^


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