I just read this post by Youtube's main counsel...

Viacom's tactics are so hilarious and pathetic 0_o That's why when I had the choice to get mixed up with movie studios and talent agencies or stay independent as a rogue on Youtube...I Choose Youtube...the G team BOI!!!... Google will undermine and destroy all they markets and open up things for people like me... I hope they rid the world of the movie studios, ISP's, TV and Cable networks, Book and Newspaper publishers... I want them all to be dismantled... the world doesn't need them anymore... they are dinosaurs... they are living in the past with they old ways...they are hindering human progress... they are stopping culture... they are preventing the world from becoming a better place!!!

So I vow no matter what happens in my career I will never sign any deals with any companies etc that oppose Youtube and or Google... I'm loyal like a samurai retainer ^ ^


Do you think he's making decisions to make a better world for you?
Do you think he wants to give YOU the chance to compete with HIS media empire?
If it was up to these dinosaurs we would have NO choice NO ability to create communicate or innovate... they only want to CONTROL... thats all they know!

NOTE: HE also owns Paramount which is opening up "Insurge" the "indie" studio I wrote about before so that is pretty much a joke.

I met Chad Hurley (CEO of Youtube) in 2007... he was a really cool, smart, and  down to earth guy....IF I met the CEO's of these old media companies it would probably only take 4 seconds before they made me so sick I would projectile vomit in they FACE ^_^

and yes I listen to this while I work and write these posts haha


  1. I didn't know Viacom was this bad. First it's a few videos that I watched getting removed by Viacom, Next it's them trying to sue Youtube? Sheesh!

    Long live Youtube!

  2. Battles of Media Empires
    Viacom vs. Google
    Viacom found a hole where the cow is milked^ ^
    Viacom's money $ ran out?...... Ow Ow OW
    hungry Viacom with his metal powerful jaws.... clank-clank..
    haha Paramount Pictures went down the tube? oh! Viacom's Crisis O_O
    haha YT vs. Paramount down the tube
    Money ended? Poor Paramont dont bring money anymore to Viacom o_O haha I dont believe them
    What? Author's content? Wha tha crap? Really its funny.
    Maybe Somebody wanted to have YT before Google O_O ?
    1 billion $ Oho Viacom is very hungry fucking monster.
    robbery with powerful lawyers- fucking monster- DIE.
    because of such as Viacom is no life. Who has a bomb?^ ^

  3. i hope google does become an ISP cause i know dey wouldn't over price stuff
    i read thsi article the other day in a magazine (i was bored with no computer and it had something to do with the internet so it peeked my curiosity...)
    it said bandwidth could possibly be the next "black gold" because the internet is getting more and more popular
    more and more users are coming
    so apparently they be running out of bandwidth
    if the bandwidth issues starts happening
    they could easily charge alot more for guaranteed bandwidth
    and they'd charge the same price for internet you aren't guaranteed to have
    i don't know first hand how much truth the articles based on
    since i do not have the first hand experience of knowing
    but if you think about it
    it makes sense it wouldn't be the first thing greed has ruined...

  4. totally agreed and respect i will do the same but id also like creative people like us to come together one day and make an awesome amazing underground project with music, artists, art, and everything else that makes us happy =D

  5. D: gnitsop drehtob neve d'i yhw rednow ll'uoy siht gnidaer enod ruoy emit eht yb

  6. hey m dot lets play a game ^_^

    Can YOU spot the difference?

  7. My spirit talking the Truth!
    Viacom -Paramount Pictures, DreamWorks, MTV Films, channels Comedy Central, BET, Nickelodeon, MTV, VH1
    Beast of Media-holdings
    His position: YT =trаffick+advertising=money.
    Unlegal MONSTER wants to force Google's company YT to open for him our IP-adresses, all archieve of users YT with IP's,
    under the pretext of like users of YT violated copyrights of his products of his Channels. Now everybody who download South Park on YT or Dreamworks's shit. "BEWARE he LIVES! HE s HUNGER"
    otherwise He force YT to pay 1 milliard $!
    But he knows it violates our rightS to privacy
    And he know for sure if YT open IP-adresses IT ll be the Death of YT Or Pay 1 MILLIARD $ its not looks like life too!
    1milliard $! HAHA for him.. HE HAS 60 MILLIARDS NOW
    WHO does really think that he so needs now 1 milliard$ to his 60milliards or he wants our IP-adresses for real
    NO he just wants the DEATH of YT like ONLINE TV!
    So he'll have much more than one billion $
    now look!- YT =trаffick+advertising=money..HIS MONEY! clank-clank!
    And he has the powerful lawyers for that.
    NOW the truth!....
    Viacom controls MEdia but not ONline media and he has- "JOOST" for that- iTV-JOOST. all HIS rated programs will be broadcast there.
    And he wants ALL THE MONEY with his rules


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