My lil audio show will go on thanks to you!

Thanks to the mega support by Brad, Adam, Ricky and Jemilla wif they donations I just ordered one of these!
So thank you again for supporting weirdo meh... I promise to continue to kick out albums as fast as the madness fires out meh face ^ ^
Shows... about teh radio show if anyone was wondering... I'm so swamped with film work for the time being I probably wont be able to do the show until the end of the year...around October... BUT when I start it up again I'll probably do it weekly instead of monthly ^ ^

Thanks again and BestesT!
M doTs

Here's the link if anyone wants to get the same thang...  its only $150


  1. I'm surprised nobody has commented on this...
    YAY can't wait for the next album
    my ipod is like half filled with just your music XD

  2. oh man! A weekly radio show again would make me soooo happy!

  3. Weekly??? I might finally be able to get friends onto the show!


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