Putting it all together

Ya know before I got into making "videos" or films as a teenager I was trying to make "beats" and the like... starting when I was like 11 I used to record this underground hiphop show then try to like remix the stuff with my dual cassette tape deck... I did that for awhile then used Soundedit16 on a Quadra610... Then I got into making live action films... then I got back into making electronic music, rapping and animation all at the same time bout 2001... and I've continued to do so for like what.... 9 years now? From 2003- 2005 I did live performances of my freakeh music... In 2008 I started doing live visuals for my friends Panthelion.... I also started freestyling a lot for fun....

NOW in 2010... I'm going to combine all that into one thing... I figured out how to create and tweak live electronic madness with Ableton Live while having it all synced to visuals of my creation while I'm rapping and acting like a madman...  It appears as if I will do it for the first time in front of an audience on the street in June as part of this subculture festival here in San Jose... DONT WORRY this will not affect the new film at all as I'm on top of that! Its just something I'm going to do for fun BUT I plan to book some shows in different parts of the world when the film is done so if I come to your town for the film and there's some dark place for me to do meh strange multimedia thing...I'll like do that ^ ^

Here's the stuff I'll be using in case your interested in doing something similar...

Ableton Live
APC40 controller for Live
Oxygen8 controller for Live
VDMX (taking in midi from Live for sync)
Lil 4 channel Mackie mixer

This isn't out yet but has tons of potential too


  1. Sweet! Here's for a visitor to Ohio ! ;)

  2. I second Gofio's request. Gracing Phoenix with your freestyling prowess would be a pretty bomb way to kick off the summer.

  3. Sounds awesome! The show won't perhaps be streamed will it? :)

    Hope you have fun! :)

  4. Oh and what's up with those crazy faces?! 0_o

  5. hey i was just stumbleing on the internet out of boredom and came acroos this

    i know you like google so i thought you might like to see it lol


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