Teh give a weirdo rapper a voice donation drive ^ ^

So some of yall 8 people enjoy my hella rapping and all thats... I've had the same audio interface that I got in 2001 that I've used to record everything I've ever made... it died this week... So I was no way to record wif my microphone now...

Some of you expressed some concern as to the loss of my stream of mp3s.... I've consistently put out free music for as long as there's been an internets for me to be on and I want to continue to do so...

Heres a bunch of teh free music I have giveNS

So I'm like lets try a pledge drive for a new audio interface ^ ^ I started by putting in the money I has right now... here's teh paypal balance...

I only need the simplest audio interface with one XLR in with Phantom power... any of these...

So only like $120 - $180 USD needs to be raised for this... For me, teh new film is my priority so I'll let yall choose whether I keep making tracks or not... I'm aight either way... but if you will miss my periodic cray_z songs you can make it so and I'll keep making them for you ^ ^ 

Thank you for your support! and here's the paypal donate button


  1. ill put into that ASAP
    ... if i can
    love your rapping makes me lol
    and gets stuck in my head alot too...

  2. I was so sad when you said you were gonna stop. I have more of your albums than i do albums for any other artist on my zune. But i'm glad we all have a chance to help keep your music alive.


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