There comes a time to throw down

You know a lot of the time we are saving up things for an event, action, time or place somewhere in the future... whether we are trying to save time, money, energy or whatever... it always seems people are waiting... Trying some big artistic or filMIC venture is scary and will probably eat up all your time, money and energy... So I can see why people hesitate to jump in...

I used to mosh a lot when I was younger....  you stand at the side of "the pit" it seems chaotic and dangerous...certainly too fast for you to jump in without getting hurt or something... you can wait and wait for a perfect looking moment when it seems like theres enough of a gap but IT NEVER COMES... you just have to make a decision and jump in anyway... you'll get thrashed around for a bit but after you get centered you'll do the thrashing IF you have readily prepared your core skills/abilities for such a venture ^ ^

With art/film life... it always seems like people are waiting for that "safe" gap that never comes... There comes a time after you have been waiting on the side for awhile when you just need to GO FOR IT... YOU NEED TO THROW DOWN!!!  Because if you wait for too long YOUR LIFE WILL BE OVER then what? Yeh your safe but WHAT WAS LIFE FOR?! To simply survive and be safe? Or to at least do your best and GO ALL OUT FOR SOMETHING SOME TIME! Too many people are too afraid to THROW DOWN yeh I mean what is the money for? So you can retire er some shit? Then what? Sit around and die? Thats the way to create REGRET and thats the worse thing that could ever happen if you ask meH.... COULD OF, WOULD OF, SHOULD OF... FUCK THAT don't lean on those things! Kick them in the FACE and throw down whilst everyone around you is cowering in fear...thats what a real hero does! Discover your inner hero and act accordingly...see the "Power of Myth" some where to discover this within you...

I was listening to the Accidental Creative podcast last week and Seth Godin was on talking about his new book "The Linchpin"

He was saying that the part of our brain that we needed for survival is the one that stops us from being great in life... its the part that creates the fear of "what if" Its the thing we need to fight to do great things in life... BECAUSE if your held back by fear and survival instincts you will never escape the prison of MEDIOCRITY because you will NEVER throw it down! YOu will NEVER GO ALL OUT! Now EVERYONE around you might be teh BETCH of they reptilian brain but that doesn't mean you have tO be!

So if you've been waiting or saving up to do something for a while and you are starting to feel stagnant or uninspired that probably means you NEED TO THROW IT DOWN! I'm throwing it down on HSM.... spending all my time, money, and energy and then some... because if not NOW then WHEN!?!?! Your life is made up of what you do TODAY and in the REAL FUTURE not some ideal imaginary future that is just going to magically come about through you waiting and worrying...

I know SO MANY PEOPLE that just need to throw down...I also know a lot of people who threw down too soon... so theres a fine line... as with anything its all about timing... being in sync... being on your path... if you doES that you will know when the time is right and YOU WILL NOT hesitate! ^ ^


  1. hah i been doin that one fer a while ^_^
    right now i know it's not the right time to throw down o.0
    i don't haz the necessary SKILLZ
    i can animate yes but it's still no where near as good as you can do
    i can't even make a good walk cycle yet XD
    plus i'm still in high school
    if i throw down whilsit in high school i'll fail high school
    now if i didn't need a high school diploma to stand in a pepsi factory and pull a lever (seriously that's what everyone makes life to be now a days you need a degree to clean a school here o.0)then i would drop out cause i only need said job to start funding me for a while so i don't go bakrupt haha or piss of family for borrowing so much money

    and i don't even have animation equipment...
    i just got this laptop recently even then that's not enough lol

  2. @Reyori Yer wise beyond yer years d00d ^ ^ I think you've got the right approach

  3. i will be an artist too and first im finishing art academy and theres not really a gap but then its time to spread my wings.. im sure it'll work out i used to mosh around too 8D
    got the skillz. i wna do everything! painting street art movies music animation and pardy and games!! =D
    and more! i dont want to do stuff that i wouldnt do if it werent for the money. and i dont think im able to D:

  4. Amen, amen. The best way to waste your life is to wait for the right moment for anything.

    The way you imagine things to be is always bullshit, you are always better or worse than what you think. That split second you start doing something is the EXACT moment it really exists and you can deal with what is actually happening.

    Fuck rationality, fuck sensibility, fuck being reasonable, none of those ideas will help you. You need to be irrational, unreasonable, single minded and oblivious to anything else but your way, and what your heart wants. Seven breaths, decide, act.

    The only time you ever fail at something is when you choose to stop trying. This is a real rule.

  5. You are so right master Strange...It's only doing IT when you learn how to do IT

  6. LOL You know I don't even have available what it takes to even throw down right now in the first place. I'm at least gonna pass high school, but I don't know where to go after 2 years of Union County College. Honestly my grades aren't so hot, and I'm like borderline in danger of staying back, and I'm not even throwing down!! Sounds stupid, but I'm gonna get a mental evaluation cause so can get my mind function a little bit figured out.

    Like I really can't function in school. I'm so frustrated cause I'm not doing as well as I did before, and I don't know what to do!!!

    ...Sorry. I need help big time..


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