Tis who you know or who you BLOW to teh OScars we go!

So to start dis storY....my sister worked in "Hollywood" for like 15 years... She was a location manager/assistant and scout on a bunch of films... she worked with Tim Burton, Ridley Scott and a bunch of other directors in the 80's - 90's... She said Divine almost broke her jeep when she had to give him a ride to the set on "Lust in the dust" haha...

I remember her telling me this story about this movie she was working on... she said the director had no idea how to direct or what she was doing... she told me the DP really directed the film and the director even asked her, a location scout how to set up a certain driveway shot which my sister told her how?! She also told me that everyone on the crew knew that this woman only got the job because she was the girlfriend to this bigshot director who would visit the set in his Ferrarri or some shet.... and my sister would yell at him and tell him to move it cause she didn't give a fawk ^ ^

Have you figured it out yet? The movie was "Pointbreak" the guy in the Ferrarri was James Cameron and the woman was "BEST DIRECTOR" Kathryn Bigelow hahaha

NOW if you don't know you might be wondering HOW this can be?! Well shit goes in like this all the time and no one speaks the truth out of fear of being "Blacklisted" As long as they want to be in the business they have to keep they mouth shut... and they do... hence the blackmailing... the "favors" to get jobs and all that nasty SHET...

I lived in LA for a few years with my sister and learned enough about the "business" from the inside to know that it was not for me... cause I don't know anybody and I sure as hell don't want to blow them! ^ ^

They make up awards and pat each other on they back in they little fantasy circleS... BUT the REAL filmmakers will not come from they ranks... they will rise up through the chaos of the internet....  to survive they have to be strong... they can camwhore, name drop and blow who ever they want but thats not going to help them in the new internet land of filmmaking.... ok back to WORK for me!


  1. this makes me wonder how many more stupid people have the roles of best director....
    are they even people?
    they seem to fake for me to tell
    but i don't rally care about em
    the only thing i care about is me and ice cream

  2. I hope we all saw cuz I know M. ve seen
    scene in MD. in Ryan Entertainment with
    brothers Castelliani, Adam Kesher and his manager Robert Smith.
    Adam Kesher LA Hollywood film-director and Castelliani mobsters, who force him to cast an unknown actress named Camilla Rhodes his film and like everybody licking their ass except of Adam.
    Ryan Entertainment:
    "You see Adam there is some considerations that Everybody here is asking u to do"
    "What are u talking about"
    "an open mind"
    "now u looking for the actress on the main role and I..we are asking you an open mind"
    "WhAt? what the photo is that?"
    "This is the Girl"
    "HEY That girl is not in my film!!!"
    Poor Adam and what happened to him haha
    A mysterious figure called The Cowboy, who urges him to cast Camilla Rhodes for his own good.
    I hope we all ve seen the scene in Mullholland Dr. "Hystory with Silvia North"
    "That is the Girl..."
    and the 8 key to the movie
    Is it only talent helps to achieve success Camilla?

    Thats why Drainage64:) I said such about Hollywood:) everybody knows what's going on there behind da scenes^^

  3. I see your point, some people get ahead by giving head and it's not fair. But...

    The director is often the least experienced person on set. That's what gives people like writers etc a chance to break in to directing. These people sometimes then turn out to be fantastic directors once they see how sets work and learn more about the equipment and all that. Maybe that's how it was for Bigelow.

    As long as she gave credit to her DP and the rest of the crew then I think it's ok that she asked them their opinions, as long as she learnt from it for future projects.

    I don't know if you rate Kevin Smith or not but he said he didn't have a clue what he was and wasn't supposed to do on set the first time he was directing. But I think he went on to make a couple of great films, and a couple of terrible ones admittedly, since then.

    Then again, maybe I'm naive and Hollywood is just full of egotistical idiots! I bet James Cameron is sorry he helped Bigelow out so much now! :)

  4. Well that was very eye opening,
    Now a lot more of this "RAWR HOLLYWOOD RAWR talk actually makes sense!
    I've never been a professional anything so I can't say I knew any of this before hand.

    @16 bit, well now I see the context of the opposition, Sorry if I bugged you before ^_^

  5. No-no Drainage64 dont worry all is ok^_^U r a good dude
    Everything on this Blog makes DEEP Sence that M. writes
    Stay with Us on the new World's channel news:
    Kathryn Bigelow-the first women in space^^
    James Cameron Wife rather ex-wife Kathryn Bigelow gets the rewarding praise from her ex-husband James Cameron along with a Best Director Award from The National Film Critic Association for her directing TALENT in The Hurt Locker.
    At the 67th Golden Globe Award ceremony, James Cameron spoke high of his ex-wife as the famous director bagged two Goldies for his sci-fi thriller Avatar.
    It was not only Avatar but The "Hurt Locker" was also declared the BEST picture 2009
    Oh NO AvATAR suffers but I hope Kathryn will give James to touch uncle Oscar^^ but he has 3 for techO_o or am I wrong?

    Oh great lets make our own Oscar-pop doll here. Who has some feathered tin?O_O and we'll speak high about each other as great TALENTED filmmakers Arent weo_O haha and thank you cam. here glamorous suits-PARADE and army of critics we'll say than who has the best and give each other Oscars as old friends, today u will got, tommorow I, than u, than he, than we, we'll drunk together sleep togetherO_o haha OH NO O_O
    such we'll become a HoLLYWOOD soon^_^

  6. so peeps who wrote bad about Holly WOOd here
    us kicked outTa there
    I will never see my uncle Oscar again....... hahaha
    No, M. first than I ^ ^
    Beware Cameron see everything
    If we dont believe in Cameron he will not exist ha
    and yeah Adam had to take that girl cuz he lost everything in thanks to RYAN ENTERTAINMENT

  7. best documentary was funny.


    we have one documentary where the guys making it went into burma RISKED THEIR LIVES to reveal something rarely seen.

    And dolphins win.

    Hahaha oscars...lol


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