What a great idea?! ^ ^ Hollywood studio to make $100,000 films

I was just reading this article about Paramount Pictures starting a new "micro budget" film studio where they will make ten "Crazy...Unpredictable...and Awesome" films a year apparently...

Aren’t you tired of being fed the same movies wrapped in different paper?”  “We want to find and distribute crazy, unpredictable, and hopefully awesome movies - movies that make you want to line up to see at your local theater with all your friends (and us).  Movies that a big studio would never release because they’re too risky, too silly, and they don’t star Sandra Bullock.”

 Huh that kinda sounds liek what I R about... good thinkin Paramount! ^ ^

Horror films, comedies and animated movies are among the projects the division is aiming to produce, according to a source, targeting moviegoers in the 13 - 34 year old age range.

Whoa I'm making an animated horror comedy right now targeting like those moviegoers too?!

Fans of the site will be invited into the production process and potentially involved all the way through a movie’s eventual release.

Whoa thats what I've been doing here with this actual blog... thats a good idea too Paramount!

“We want to build a community online to engage people in the filmmaking process,” explained an insider connected to the division. “We want to open it up, engaging [fans] in the process and keeping them involved.”

Thats exactly what I've been doing the past 5 years... good job on listening to me Paramount Pictures ^ ^

“We want to try something different and deconstruct the Hollywood system. We’re about to conduct an experiment and we’re building a team of mad scientists to help.”

Building a team of mad scientists huh? Who exactly would these "mad scientists" be? There aren't many actual real living internet filmmakers who have walked the talk that you type about for more than one film....  I hope they don't keep doing the same old Hollywood thing by hiring poseurs and wannabe's who have no real experience... they could just eavesdrop on Me, my homie Timo of Star Wreck and Iron Sky fame, or meh pal Jamie King from Steal this Film and do ok ^ ^ but if they are going to do that they should just hire us as consultants ^ ^

Good luck Paramount Insurge! I commend your courage for wanting to venture into the deep waters that r teh internet... its kind of funny because in this game you are the underdog ^ ^ I hope you do the right thing and make lots of really unique films...while really getting the audience involved and NOT with some reality show type bullshit... and also I think its great to get the audience involved but the audience still wants a director I believe... someone with a vision and a unique style... someone to take them places they could never imagine... if the audience has they hands in everything there are no surprises and after a few films like that the novelty will wear off and the audience will move on.


  1. I'm superstitious
    human greed doesn't just change...
    it's in they nature...
    BUT it just might be real
    i guess time will tell

  2. Love the comment on the article: "Supporting low-budget films is cool. But the $100,000 figure seems low. If they can afford to multiply that by 50, they should." Seems like this guys wants to make Jurassic Park 8.

    The thing is I can't really trust this Paramount project because they are not telling you how much they expect back after the film is done or if you'll retain all the rights of your work.

    I think the only real initiative to support indies I've seen is the The Indie Fund for game developers http://arstechnica.com/gaming/news/2010/03/indie-fund-piece.ars week.

    Commercially succesful indie game developers choose projects to fund them and guide them (not 'produce' them). If your project gets chosen they give you the money you need, their insight and advice (they won't demand changes). And once the project is done you have to pay back what they gave you with the sells of the game and for a limited time share a part of your profits.

    Great thing is that if the project fails or you never get to make it they won't take you to court. They'll realize they didn't make the best investment and face the fact they lost the money, lol!

  3. Wow that really sounds like you! Maybe you inspired them huh :D
    No I really bet you did!

    Of course maybe it will be a flop...but who knows we may get something interesting from here!
    I'm a little suspicious but who knows..

  4. Lulz I would take their $100,000, hire Sandra Bullock, and then make the film "Sandra Bullock flushes 100,000 $1 bills down the toilet for 90 minutes"

  5. This isn't a completely new idea. Back in Japan, this film company called ATG (Art Theatre Guild) did the exact same thing except it was the "issenmanen eiga" (10 million yen film). So maybe Paramount wants to resurrect the concept. Hopefully it'll work.

  6. So they're making another Wreckamovie.


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