What a STRANGE world?! 0_o

So a few years ago I met this guy here in San Jose... and he was all "I want you to do animation for my film Birdemic" he gave me a teaser trailer DVD... I watched it... it was 3 minutes of locked down pans of beaches then a shot of a city with really bad 3d bird animations looping in the sky with random explosions so like... yeh

The I saw this posted on some forum... THE ACTUALLY MADE TEH WHOLE MOVIE?!? 0_o

Just jump to 1:20 for the amazingness! ^_^

And to think I COULD HAVE WORKED ON THAT... he was actually paying a lot of money...but ya know stupid lil impractical m dot doesn't work like that.


  1. Wow.........wow..

    I'm not sure how to comment on that :/

  2. What's that dude from the trailer with his eyes in a jar of jam stuck
    Poor boy he wanted just to eat some jam now he is dead with jam on his eyes.
    H5/N1^^remake of Hitchcock's"The birds"cover versionO_o
    CAT-rigged eagles^^or he used MayaO_o
    I'm afraid of stuffed herons and stuffed birds
    they scare how they made
    really they looks like dead Dead birds in the sky ! Oh my
    its much scary than Hitchcock's^^ "We must run- we'll all die!"-
    Now the dead birds attack us.^^
    Birds are dying right in flight from H5/N1 its awful virus
    They were dead before they fell

  3. I really hope this film is a Joke, because right at the end wit them like hacksawing the birds it just made me break into laughter.. It looks terrible.

  4. Listen, I can not get rid of this film. Ohhoho.
    Romantic thriller^^ Romantic nightmare.
    Birds look strange. They are strange.^^ If the birds behave themselves strange call the epidemic control. Noooow.
    And really, I was making eagles( classic animation)^^ in sMax, had to adjust the keys manually^^
    Phisique to mesh and bones to bones hierarchy. Good if it looks anatomically right^^ if it is panther or something like that animal dnt forget skinning because it's so scary when the skin hangs on his bones without muscles so it seems his legs broke down
    &in Max feathers are very shitty, people use Maya, save the birds:)

  5. LOL! Seriously!? I try not to judge movies too harshly before I see them but Seriously?!? I'm not sure i can trust imdb anymore. lol

  6. Pandemic of awful modelling.
    You know to make really scary movie
    You should have something really scary in frame,
    in this movie I see something really scary-these 3D models
    Birds have feathers and wings. Most birds can fly.
    People and birds are bipeds.
    Bones are hard, structural parts of the body of many animals, including birds.
    Look I dont believe that these animals from trailer born with bones,
    Oh, I understand- they are not birds!
    Then what is it abouto_O

  7. Do not look at IT, IT can sneeze on you!

  8. LOL that was righteous
    made my day i'd see it because it's so terrible
    never know might be a good movie....

  9. i cannot get over the great animation of those birds o_0 ... srsly wtf is that shet?

  10. The only thing that could make it better is film it in 3D so the birds can fly right out of the screen at you.


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