%50 done/2 hours of film- How did that happen?!

See that little thang... thats all the clips from the film on teh edit timeline....
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The red markers denote hour points...  So I'm a little past the %50 mark of the film and I already have 2 hours of clips??! Now I'm kinda perplexed as to how that happened... The script is 95 pages long... the animatic is 122 minutes... so why does it seem like when I finish I'll have a four hour film? 

As I've been working I've been adding breaths to the pace to have stronger builds in the suspenseful moments AND I've also been taking out a lot of breath when I felt things were too slow... overall it doesn't feel as if the pace has changed much from the animatic...

POssible Reasons

- to make the edit more flexible I've been adding heads and tails to each shot... treating it like a live action shot wherein the actors have some idle time before and after each shot... they are NOT frozen they are actively passive like a real actor would be waiting for the camera to roll etc... so each shot has a second or two extra too it...

- Its really 2 films in one ^ ^ actually there's two main "hero" characters who are very complex just like real people and they both have they own stories which of course are tied to the main story AND there are two main I guess "villan" characters who are also very complex and they have they own stories as well... and JES all tied in ^ ^  ok so maybe its like 4 films in one ^ ^ AND during preproduction I CUT out a character who had a pretty involved story that could be its own film as well... that I'M TEMPTED to make a 10-20min pre-quel thing for and release before HSM because it was pretty awesome... Endika and the few other people on the team who read the earlier scripts had a great liking for this character/story....

- I'M CRAZY ^ ^ I've gotten some new ideas as I've been animating... ideas that weren't in the animatic or script so perhaps these additions have pushed it up?

I won't know the answer until I start editing BUT I'm determined to get the first release down to right around 120 minutes... if it gets to a point where that just causes it to rush around the film taking the soul out of it I'll just say fuck it and leave it full length ^ ^ 

Let me give you some stats for what goes on in this 2 hours of raw footage so far... Now I'm not saying there is a lot of these thangs just giving you a vague idea of thangs...

- "People" being killed- 16
- Monster attacks/appearances- 6
- Swordfights (both 1 on 1 and 1 on 6 +) - 5
- Monsters killed - 4

As I was working tonight I was thinking about some of my goals for the film... I want to create the most touching and beautiful film you have seen while also being the most horrific and disturbing... there is a word for this but I'll explain the philosophies behind the film at a later date... 


  1. "I'M TEMPTED to make a 10-20min pre-quel thing for and release before HSM because it was pretty awesome..."

    Fantastico! As long as it doesn't delay HSM too much!

  2. the more touching and beautiful film in this world than WATS exists? o_O
    how is it possible? 0_0

  3. Well, if you think that our hero David Lynch's first edit of Dune was more than 4 hours long. Then so long as no studio get their mittens on you're film you should endup with something around the 2 to 2.5 hour mark, which would be nice!

  4. @Sans AGREED

    @ M dot your crazy man
    and im interested to hear about this cut character too....

    I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE ... just like... ONE SCREENSHOT.


    Keep it up bro!

  6. @ ZaxCG2 make ur imagination working^ ^

    people you' re all too inquiring
    There were 6 monsters.. 4 killed where the other 2....
    2 stays alive? o_0 haha
    I think me tooU_U but its bad
    I must improve myself


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